Democracy in the UK, Has it ended..?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. Gordon Brown has already used puppy dog 'Geoff Hoon' to sound off about the Heathrow extension plans without letting it be debated. Now they are to slide through Pay-as-you-Throw, also it appears with no Parlimentary discusion LINKY

    What's next on the agenda from the Single Party State, ID Cards or Pay-as-you-Drive..?

    This is just two very recent examples of Goron Brown's, and Labour's, Contempt for the electorate; has the UK therefore ceased to be a Democracy..?
  2. Wait, when did it start :?
  3. Democracy ended quite some time ago in Britain
    The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act killed it stone dead but nobody could be arsed to pay any attention to it, those of us who got a bit upset about it were generally labelled as nuts, after all we have nothing to fear.
  4. If our World saving prime minister, who seems to be turning Britain into a socialist state, can find an excuse not to hold an election next year we will know for certain. We will also know something about ourselves.
  5. The next phase..?

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  6. The next phase will either be submission, or to start bresking up the cobblestones at last.
  7. Believe it or not there are some people who think all these little laws that are creeping in one by one are not eroding rights, apparently it's something we need to sacrifice for peace of mind. I have great peace of mind knowing the police can access who I attempted to sexually abuse on msn the other night.
  8. You are probably right.
    On the other hand, her indoors and myself were chatting the other night about where we would like to spend retirement (quite some time off I hasten to add) and for the 1st time I really think there is nothing much left for me in this country.
    The list of what we can't do and things we aren't allowed to have is just getting to bloody long.
    We are slowly becoming subservient to the state which is no doubt Mr Brown's desire. Parliament long since ceased to serve anything but itself, all we must do is obey the rules and pay our taxes. It really is getting less of a place to live.
  9. If all the Tory types think that things would be any better under the greasy salesman and his Eton cronies then they need to wake up. If the Tories would have been in power (perish the thought) at the time of the attacks on September the 11th 2001 then this country would have been locked down tight. You can bet your bottom dollar that all private citizens would be cutting around with national ID cards.
  10. When you get to the time for feet upping, you may find that the laws and circumstances that concern you now ill have faded somewhat. I had the same thoughts as yourself. Almost all of my service life was spent other side of Suez and my civilian employment took me out of UK for decent periods. However, when the time came for me to do as I wished I felt reluctant to leave behind some of the things that are fine and dandy. As we live now, hardly any of Bruins laws impinge on what we do and I'm glas I resisted the call of Oz/NZ/Canada/USA/wherever.
  11. I would like to think you are right, I suppose time will tell.
    I like to ride my motorcycle, try doing that these days without getting a pull and a lecture.
    I used to drive up the odd mountain where I grew up, massive fine for doing so now,
    I would like to shoot the odd thing occasionally (apart from politicians), not really easy here is it?
    Can't even have a smoke in the pub with friends anymore.

    It doesn't really matter what you do in this country anymore, you either get fined for it or lectured about it. Fun is evidently not good for you.
  12. I know several couples that moved to live overseas (still within Europe) only 5 /6 years ago, all ordinary decent working folk with values and standards.

    One of the couples has never returned, not even for a visit, and has said that they never will do. One couple came back for an extended break but returned home after only 8 days and the other couple returned for financial reasons, but having been back here a month said that it isn't the same country that they left only 5 years ago. They will be bugging out again v.shortly.

    All gave pretty much the same reason for there moving overseas, freedom.
  13. Sadly that about sums it up.
    I would like to think the politicians will be made to pay for what they have done, but I'm under no illusion that it will ever happen.
    Change the government and all that actually changes is the names of those with their nose furthest in the trough.
    Its a bit odd when you look back at all the things you used to 20 years ago to find many of them are now banned and you are persecuted for even contemplating them. Its all a bit tragic really and I can't see those freedoms being restored,
  14. The first ever democracy excluded slaves and women; the largest democracy of the 20th century happily practised racism...

    What is happening now in UK is just a transformation of one type of democracy into another...

    The only good that can come out of it is that people might realise "democracy" is not a set formula.
  15. what a farkin p1sstake!

    "Under one option discussed by ministers, households would have to pay for special bin bags. Rubbish not placed in these bags would remain uncollected. Households would be charged for the size of their bins; families requiring a bigger bin will pay the most. Those requiring a weekly rubbish collection would also have to pay an extra charge"

    We already pay thousands of pounds a year each in council tak which is to cover the weekly bin collections.

    The government are scum