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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drain_sniffer, May 5, 2006.

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  1. This morning on BBC news, I saw an account of how one local election result was concluded by the Labour and Conservative candidates "pulling pencils" to see who would win as they both had exactly the same votes.

    Surely paper scissors stone would have been better, or 2 mins of milling at least

  2. Agreed. Does this reflect upon the dullards who actually 'count' the ballot papers. Surely it calls into question their ability!

    Makes Dubyas first election victory all the more valid.
  3. Dullards is a bit harsh. These are unpaid volunteers who spend their night counting bits of paper so that we the great unwashed can have some semblance of a democratic system.

    No doubt there was a recount and if so and they were still drawn what then? I do like the idea of councillors/MP's milling for their seat though.
  4. Comments duly noted HS. However, in my area, these 'volunteers' are actually council employed numptees, and are real dullards.
  5. How about a cage fight?

    or an 'I'm a celebrity' style jungle challenge?
  6. How about they go and search for the ugliest, fattest munter in the constituency and whomever will slip it one first gets the seat?
  7. I beleive the best course of action would be to get both candidates up on stage and whoever can take a boot to the Spuds without blubbing wins the seat.
    Obviously this is only plausible if the Labour candidate went second!
    It would be worth it to walk away from the job after giving one of the ruling party a dunt in the happy sacks!
  8. Labour should just say they won.

    They lie about everything else.
  9. I think you'll find that stewards are paid, and paid well by some standards.
  10. Now that I like!! :D :D

    But who does the judging?

    John Prescott or David Blunkett?

  11. Prescotts ex-secretary I think, after all she is obviously no great judge on looks!!!
  12. Haven't you heard tony? They DID win apprently...