demobilisation and financial claims??

i have been mobilised on two occasions and have left Chillwell on my return on both occasions thinking i have been stiffed financially. i have been the same as most of the guys going through demobilisation there. wanting to get out of the deserts asap and start rebuilding my family life

i am going to be mobilised again next year and want to know what i should claim for and what are my entitlements?

i have 3 children and a wife to support so money is very important.

i have found that when i am at Chillwell it is often too late to sort out anything and have often been told "you should have made this claim and that claim whilst there" and "dont leave until you have claimed for everything"

so i want ideas of what i should claim for and what hidden costs are there that i dont know about and can be repaid
Ive got a dog in kennals.
Face it mate youve been stiffed again. img etting mess bills for a mess i never attend (cos its over 300k's away) and wheres my bloody letter. The co wont let me extend. He's got a job for me. See you at Chillwell.

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