Demob, how long?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jmj, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I'm due to head back from the sand pit next month, we've been told that they are going to try and get us straight back to Chillwell to get demobed. How long does this take.. and what is involved? Should i expect an overnighter?


  2. It really depends on how many are de-mobbing at the same time. Before RTMC Chillwell I was de-mobbed with about 60 others in just over a morning.

    This time I am staying in the Mess overnight and de-mobbing the next day and do not expect it to take long at all.

    Just make sure you have all your POTL leave etc sorted before you get there and your unit has carried out all the administration they are supposed to, it will really speed things up if they are on the ball.
  3. We got into Chilwell about 1700hrs and into the bar by 2100hrs. I think it depends on how many of you are being demobbed as a unit and if any major howlers crop up for individuals. Make sure you get everything sorted before you leave though. Enjoy your POTL.
  4. I got demobbed in 2 hours, I got there about 15:00 hours and had to stay overnight and got demmobbed as soon as the next morning, got a lift to Derby trainstation and was at Liverpool lime street by 14:00, happy days...

    Only involves paper work, handing weapons back, handing kit back, mozzy net ect, quick medical and away...
  5. arrived mid afternoon stayed over night and was finished by about 10ish.
    but there where 150 or so of us.
  6. got there at 04:00hrs out at 14hrs day acclerated as it went on though it was friday before bank holiday .we had to spend time in germany for no apprent reason if :evil: (swear word laden rant about that )then coach journey from hell home .
  7. I got there at about 9 am and finally managed to get out by 14-30 the same afternoon
    Loads of mandatory briefings ,but on the whole they just go through the motions.
    DO make sure that you get as much from them as possible ( POTL etc)
    BTW, do not REPEAT, not tell them of any old injuries unless you want to spend an extra day or two there.
  8. Of course if you don't tell them and that injury you picked up proves not to be minor after all the MoD will wash their hands of you. Only a complete cynic would point to the current setup as a means to minimise the MoD paying for TA soldiers they've broken though. Oh, and someone aware of their track record.
  9. Met at Brize 3am, Chilwell at 6am weapon cleaned, post medicals,admin,leave, kit in..gone by 2pm, home in time for the 6pm news.

    They can get you through quickly and I felt that they did not miss anything, it seemed ok to me..
  10. Assuming (assumption being the mother of all f*ck up's) that the RAF gets you home on schedule you can be demobed in a matter of hours. It really just depends on how many people are going through the sausage factory. The hardest bit is sitting through the bullshit "welcome home lectures" and the patronising video of Leather Face....he really did want to be there!

    The Demob process itself involves cleaning your weapon (which was minging when got it), handing your weapon and ancil's back, getting a medical, moaning at the pay clerk beacuse they never paid your LSSA etc. and if memory serves thats about it, they let you keep all your desert kit since you'll need it for Telic 83 or Fingal 52 or some bollox like that.....oh yeah head to bar and get pissed, and (if your a royal green jacket) go back to lines, piss on your bed and clothes etc. disgrace yourself, your company, your regiment, and go home with a sore head!
  11. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Cheers all.

  12. Some key things to remember for de-mob:

    - Make sure your weapon and mags are clean, this is the longest process so you can really save time by making sure it is sorted before you arrive.

    - When they ask you in J1 if you had any leave prior to deploying (some got 2 weeks after intial mob before deploying, note: not R&R), tell them you had NO leave. This will mean extra time on your POTL.

    - Tell them you have lost your Rail Card and pay £2 for a new one, this will last you a year from issue and save you a fortune!

    Hope these points help.