Demo videos?

Wasn't sure if this should go in the training wing or here, basically I am after video clips of section attacks. I have a lot of lads coming to see me prior to going on their JNCO cadre's asking for help. I have plenty handouts to give them and I use rock drills to try and give them a feel for it. What I am missing is video clips to show them what it looks like from an observer's point of view. Does anyone know any titles I can hassle my training wing for, or alternatively, any videos on the net which would illustrate it for them?
Egad! You can't be implying your blokes are getting that far in your reg without doing enough sect attacks for it to make sense to them?

Problem with vids of section attacks is that they are bl00dy hard to film in any way that shows you the overall 'mechanics' of the F&M, L/R flanking movement, etc. Rock drills and war movie clips are your friend!
Nope, not inf, R.A.C. And in my opinion, they should be clued up, and to be fair, most of them are a lot more knowledgeable than they think. Its mainly just due to them flapping about being assesed! Although it is something that we just cant get enough time to practice (in my opinion).


I've never seen any demo videos either when at Pirbright/Catterick or whilst I've been in battalion. Your best bet (as others have already mentioned) is rock drills.
Rock drills it is! Thanks for your help, we really need more guys to do BTAC or a scaled down brecon type course to get a bit more dismounted expertise within the RAC units!

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