Demise of tiffys/REME to merge with RLC!!??

Discussion in 'REME' started by G104MEN, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. I've heard two awesome rumours in the last few weeks. First was from a WO2 who has just done his warrant officers course. He was told, on the course, that REME tiffys(COURSES) will be going/gone/no longer in 2008!? Anyone heard anything similar?Next one was from an RLC member of an LSI team today, and he states that he has seen paperwork relating to a merger of REME trades into the RLC!!??He seemed genuine enough, with no reason to spout S*+*e. If nothing else it's the mother of all rumours to start! :omfg: :scratch:
  2. I have heard from a half colonels mouth that they are looking at dramatically changing the tiffy courses, with a view to chopping/ changing the educational element.

    As for a merger, can't see it myself. Storemen and what was RS (soon to be Tech support, specialist CEG), but not the technical side.
  3. Neither are big news, read back and you will see the topics discussed frequently.

    Like all of life in a green suit, it changes daily.

  4. I heard that since REME took responsibility for the spares supply chain away from the loggies, there are moves to recapbadge RLC suppliers as REME suppliers and merge that trade group with the new Tech storeman/RS/MTI trade group making a super-storeman CEG.

  5. You may find that 19 CSS will be used as a yardstick. If it works then it may be convenient to bring REME onto the RLC's books, the argument being that we work in each others pockets now. There has got to be an MBE out there for someone to make a knee jerk reaction about a decision like that!
  6. 2 problems with this.

    1 - You say that an RLC punter saw some paperwork. Hard to beleive that he knew what he saw, most of them can't read or are not privy to important info. The RLC do not place the same level of trust on their NCO's that the REME do.

    2 - DEME(A) Bulletins are where you should look for whats happening in the corps, not some outsider. They are published frequently and distributed to all units.

    This sort of stuff has been going on for years. Apparently we were supposed to merge with the RE years ago, after we gave Regiments their own fitters to stay in the same post for full careers.
  7. Not that i believe it. But it seems to me that we tend to do most of the work for the RLC allready. We fix them, sort out docs or now James, we even do the stores runs as they get lost, and most of the time we drive them to workshops as there isn't a qualified driver about. Its only a small step.
  8. Would it be such a bad thing?

    Lights touch paper and retires to a safe distance!!

  9. Don't believe rumoures at all, I heard one a while ago that armourer would merge with gun fitter, VE would be binned and the PAAB would only be one day long! Who would believe that rubbish?
  10. Why would we want REME back? we have our own fitters anyway....

    awaiting incoming...... :lol:
  11. Snapper when you say fitters, yes i agree. Mechanics? Thats another matter, perhaps they could go Tiff.
  12. And exactly how many MECHANICS do we have wandering around these days - certainly not many from the last few years of trade training output thats for sure!

    As for the stated runours - I put a date on the RLC/REME merger about 5 years ago, I have 5 years left in order to win my bet, but I'll be a civvy in 3, so I'll be watching!

    From my recent experience of 2 LSRs it's prolly better that it happens anyway - we more or less run the fleet for them and just give then kit back as and when they need it, so as mentioned, the leap isnt that big - you look at the stuff the Tiffy/ASM do on a day to day basis - they ARE the fleet managers! Anyone who disagrees with that needs to follow me around for a day or 2 then argue!
  13. Oh there are non so blind as those who cannot see, or something. Been tipping this for years and yet the supersniffs still deny it. When the beancounters rub their fingers together and shout savings,,,,,,, several things happen, signwriters get busy, the CO gets an MBE and the RLC grows a lot bigger.

    Do you honestly think that you will just be doing the technical stuff while the rest of the army revolves around you, feeding, clothing, training you? Wake up and smell the coffee dudes, soon be part of a CSS Regt with a RLC CO (more chance of a few righteous gongs though folks).
  14. 19 CSS Bn the trial unit for the RLC-REME merger, ha! don't make me piss myself.

    Seriously, 5 Bn REME (19 CSS Bn) are the guinea pigs for this? They couldn't even make a good attempt to convince us of LEAN or ISTs.

    The output from 5 Bn in the last few years has been lacklustre, uninspiring, unenterprising and predictable.

    Morale is underground, it went rock-bottom when I was there 1996-2000 through 15 Fd, 15 CS, 5 Bn.

    The lads are just pawns in a big game, 5 Bn is the devil's playground for the next potential REME Staff Officers, look at where the recent OCs have ended up. Noone on the shopfloor knows there arse from their elbow, they bounce from one exercise to another, op-tour to op-tour, IST to IST, LEAN presentation to another. It is so disfunktional I find it hard to believe that a serious subject as the potential merger is being trialled there.


    The whole point about the trial unit is smoke and mirrors, with enough attention diverted whilst the real decisions are made in the boardroom.