demise of the recruiting teams

just heard that the 2 scottish gunner recruiting teams are being split up.
is this happening to all ra recruiting teams or is it just in scotland.
are the ROYAL ARTILLERY now fully recruited so they do not need to recruit any more or is it we need to concentrate in the infantry at the expense of others?

thoughts please :?
My dear chap you are well behind the power curve - we are now in the brave new world of "One Army Recruiting" (OAR). This will see what were Regimental Recruiting Teams fold into "combined arms" Army Recruiting Teams (ARTs). The Inf, Gunners and Cav will be in Combat ARTs, whilst the Sigs, REME, RE (I think) and specialists will be in the Tech ART. Every ART will also have TA on their ORBAT. Each ART should preach the "One Army" message and everyone should be able to recruit for each other :wink: .

This is a UK wide project that was trialed in 15 (NE) Bde and a few other places (NI I think?). In Scotland, I am lead to believe that there will be 5 Combat ARTs and one Tech ART, exactly where they will be based, I do not know. However, as with all these initiatives I do not think there is the money to fully implement the plan and exactly when it will kick off no-one knows!
it starts april 1st dropshort ( how apt) ra recruiting teams spread all over or posted back to unit
1st April - always a good date to start! But I have not seen anything about how all of these new teams will be funded and I don't think that they actually will kick off then. The intent is there and I suppose the question is whether these established posts will be any better than the black economy RRTs from before? Can you really see a wee jock saying "No mate, you are too intelligent for the infantry - you should be a Gunner!"
wee jock saying "No mate, you are too intelligent for the infantry - you should be a Gunner!"

no but 3 infanteers and 1 gunner ( with no equipment on display) on a recruiting stand what chance of him getting to know what the gunners do?
Good point, especially with the light gun being VOR at the moment! What can we show when the Inf can have paintball, assault cses, etc... That said, I have seen a good Gunner stand with all the STA kit robbed from the local TA unit - but even then, all of it did not work. I suppose that we will depend on the excellent recruiting ability of the blokes, glossy pics and their gift of the gab. What we really need is some form of computer game to get the Play Station generation interested.
some form of computer game to get the Play Station generation interested.

used to be ok when the ta bruoght the hvm ( or the predecessor javelin lml) at least the potential gunners could get a hands on. its a bit harder showing the light gun even harder getting a nasty. not all infantry turn up with paint ball i saw an army display at ingleston ( edinburgh) in 2006 and there were 3 infantry stands with no kit at all another had the climbing wall and the gunners had a light gun, gunners stand was busy all day, ( some ta boys with then to )
I take it the days of the K.A.P.E Tours are now gone then. Bit of an 80's concept for those that haven't heard of them. Best times of my Army days on KAPE and i had some good ones believe me.

I thought with the lack of troops at the moment these things would be in full swing.
[ What we really need is some form of computer game to get the Play Station generation interested.[/quote]

I may be wrong, but i believe there is a pocket invertron type game that was designed for recruiting but was never used and have we the gunners started doing look at life courses yet. The RE do them and are very successful.
I have worked with some of the Teams and the ones i have worked with are very good. It doesn't matter what they say it's down to the Recruiting staff in the offices and some of them don't sell the whole army because there pressured for numbers into there own units.
To tie up a number issues, in no particular order......
1. KAPE still exists but it is now called a 'Unit Recruiting Surge' to better reflect what it is actually about. Last year 3 were allocated to the Gunners - 3 RHA, 7 Para RHA and 39 Regt RA each receiving an extra £5k to complete them.

2. Drop Short's original post pretty much sums up the mechanics of OAR and ARTs. a key point to remember is that ARTs are not involved in the marketing battle very much at all, their main task is conversion i.e. taking the warm bodies produced through marketing and converting them into applicants. they will do this by running generic Army 'Insight' courses (new name for 'look at life'). This change from the old RRTs attending county shows etc has been instigated because that old system actually delivered very few recruits. It's actually down to the recruiter in the office to place the 'future soldier' as they're now called into the right regiment (and thus Twiggy's comment carries some weight). The three Jocks and 1 Gunner issue is therefore somewhat negated as Gunner recruits 'should' be delivered through national marketing and appropriate advice/placement in recruiting offices (in the main).

3. As for timings - 5 Apr is the 'go live' date but a 'transition period' has been allocated until Sep 07 to get all of the ARTs into place. This time has been given to deal with the, ahem, 'difficult personnel issues' with ARTs namely liability arguements, JPA rollout etc.

4. Gunner 'look at life' courses (now called 'Insight' courses) start in Sep at Larkhill - to be 10 per year for 30 potential recruits at a time.

5. There are 2 computer type games on the market - pocket invertron - which is being used extremely effectively by some Gunner units and 'Artillery duel' which is basically 'Pocket tanks' but with AS90s instead of, er, tanks. It 's been used a couple of time to great effect.
I think OLD GUN you will find that K.A.P.E tours were a thing of the early 70,s wen i was in,we enjoyed them then!!! Bullsh.t to get them in
Dumb question but do we not still have the RADT?

Did that posting for three seasons :)
we do indeed have the display troop, and a fine job they do...
Thanks MG glad to hear it :)

Had some good times with them..and some bad ;) Did a lot of shows all over the UK and also school visits. There was definately interest.

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