Demise of once the buiesest heliport in the uk

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by gauis, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. For all of you old sweets, something which hasn't been metioned on the MOD's site or on the media is the demise of the main helipad at Bessbrook mill or BBk to them in the know.
  2. Old sweet? You calling me a poof?

    Closing down BBK eh? The times, they are-a-changin'.
  3. Ah the Mill, must have spent at least a year there when you add all those duties up.
  4. Maybe the end of an era, but I spent/wasted many many many many many many days of my life there when I could have been doing something else. 3 mates killed in a crash on that very pad. Lots of memories and stories, but no sadness at it going.
  5. I'd like to think that all those plaques/murals etc on the walls were recorded properly somewhere - are any of the mil museums making space for what we're dismantling/bringing back? Norn Iron was a major part of military life for some time and is worthy of being properly recorded in the UK.
  6. they are being dug up/removed and taken to Palace barracks and Theipval barracks as no one trusts the locals to observe codes of behavior that even the Nazi's managed to achieve.
  7. I wonder what they're going to do with the main Mill building, executive apartments for 'former' terrorists perhaps?
  8. In my time there (late 8o's) there was a rumour going around that the IRA owned the disused half of the place, doubt it was true but nothing would suprise me.
  9. linky linky
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    My sentiments mirror jayteeto's. I'm of an era that was, I think, there on the day of the crash he refered to. A bad, bad day.

    Over a year in that dump with the corresponding oh shit feeling going out on Lynx 5 or 7 and the sense of relief once we were back in walking up by Buzzard.

    BBK won't be missed by me.
  11. I used to love working out of R850, shame it's to close.

    can we get a refund for all the triple glazed windows that the local residents won't need any more?
  12. BBK, did one of my Most Interesting airtests there.
    Flew down to change Tail Rotor on a Scout.
    Very low level cloud.
    Pilot was 2 i/c of unit I was attached to, expireance pilot, but new to Scout.
    Airtest called for vertical climb at 103.5 % Tq feeding in full boot so as to turn against Tq.
    Normally done at over 2,000 ft AGL.
    Clagged in, units screaming for cabs once weather cleared, so break in cloud and we had a go. Three four times we tried, not easy for expireanced Scout jockey.
    Finally my aviator found position for collective at 103.5% and we went down, then he pulled poll 103.5% and banged in the boot.
    Sh1t before I new what was going on we where heading vertically down nose first. I know it could not be 90 degrees but it felt like it.
    The look on my Full screws face when he turned and looked at me as if to say should this be happening ?
    Our Jockey pulled us out of the dive and looking out the side window, we where below the level of the top of the surrounding hills in that little valley before the pan.
    We landed and he says I think we'll take that as 'S'.
    I agreed.
    john who lived to fly to BKK.
  13. What was the largest number of helicopters that could be landed at any one time at bbk helipad?
  14. BBK held a lot of good and bad memories for me personally, however quite sad that it has come to an end.

  15. About 12. Depending if you include the Wokka spot outside the wire.