Demise Of Firemens Pool Tables

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff-Cav, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Sorry its a bit 'not current' but couldnt help smiling at the news day before yesterday about the poor firemen having their pool tables withdrawn. Having the highest regard :wink: for firemen since the last time I and my troop had to put fires out, i was shocked and stunned! What on earth will the poor, fat, overpaid, underworked, militant, ex RN homosexual fraternity do now? I know!! why not go on strike again.... :idea: Then the poor bloody underpaid, over stretched, stressed out, operationally fatigued, badly housed and supported servicemen can dust of the green godesses and get the cats out of trees and little boys heads out of school railings! I cant wait to sing that old ditty as i pass them by on their pathetic picket lines...... "Anything you can do we can do better - fat shit"!
    seriously though.... what will they do.... I know!! :D Watch more porn films and eat more chocalate and sleep more and drive more taxis and wank a bit more!
  2. Weren't all the goddesses sold off recently?
  3. Obviously they can only sleep in the in the chairs that have been mentioned before once they have read the 4 page H&S Phamphlet that accompanies the said chair
  4. cannot see the problem, if your on a 12 hour shift and things are slack than whats wrong with with having a kip, game of pool, watch the telly etc, the next shift you might be balls out all shift ,its the nature of the job, further you cant really hold it against them if there terms and conditions are better than yours, no one forced you into the forces you made that decision, you knew the pay was crap, the housing lousy, that you would be used and abused, your choice mate
  5. I really don't like them for striking and all that, but I do agree that if they have some down time, why not play some pool?

    The pay isn't crap, just not as good as yours. When I joined there were no wars and we all got pissed up and pretended to expel the russian threat. I was then also a singly and as long as I had a bed to sleep in the accomodation was fine.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Why the hell are we wasting server space talking about a bunch of striking, socialist, miner-happy malcontented spongers anyway? Just a question.
  7. Good point, next we will be wasting bandwith discussing the merits of.......[Insert appropriate pointless topic]
  8. equally a fireman might see the average squaddie as a ill educated, inadequate who could not survive in the real world and whos only hope is to belong to a instutution which provides to his every needs, which is why an ex squaddie once realesed in to the real world after say twenty two years service has a far higher chance of ending up a down and out basket case than any other group due to his inability to function as a individual, both views in my eyes are unfair
  9. Last time I checked no-one was putting a gun to their heads and making them join the fireservice either. They knew the job, the condidtions and what they are asked to do. They choose to strike to improve their lot, meaning others have to do their job. Who do they call in, the only public sector body that is not allowed to go on strike (unless your Dutch), the military.
  10. And where exactly would this real world be Trumpton?



    or here

  11. Trumpton? no,its that big scary world outside the barrack gates where your on your own,where you have to find a job ,provide your own food, your own house, make your own way without someone telling you what to do when to do it and how to do it, in short a world where you responsible for yourself and that big safety net aint there anymore
  12. We found jobs.......

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Your own food????????

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    I have my own house/mortgage......

    I am responsible for me and my family and even would you believe have to make decisions.....

    Edit - I am sure we have been here before....
  13. Bit of a throbber arent you.
  14. Somewhere like this?


    or perhaps this is "safer"

  15. I wonder if you have ever been in the forces yourself. Or if my instincts tell me correctly, you have not. Perhaps the TA.... either way butty boy you are very very wide of the mark in your comments on military guys. In my long experience they are by and large the best sort of blokes you want.... Granted the Services and in particular the Army is a microcosm of society where you get the highest of the high, and the lowest of the low, but cancelling out the extremes what you have left is pure gold. Take my troop for example, all now civilians including me (last of the Mohicans). Tp Sgt; deputy headmaster of a school in N Wales. Tp Cpl; Millionaire businessman just emigrated to NZ with a wife 15 years his junior. Tp LCpl; Has own plumbing business in Cardiff. Tprs; All bar one in good solid jobs with homes and mortgages and all with kids in higher education. What’s the other one doing? He's a fireman and fat...... but still a good bloke and hated striking. Me? well i am pretty happy thanks i earn way over the upper tax limit and can afford 3 cars, a huge Victorian house in Cardiff go on 3 holidays a year sit here and fool around on ARRSE while other people do my work and give blokes like you a quid for your big issue. Wherever you got the Napoleonic idea that London is littered with the flotsam and jetsam of broken soldiery from I don’t know but you my friend are a spunkbubble!