Demise of British tank industry foretold admitted

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ark-angel, Dec 30, 2008.

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    dont know if this has already been posted sorry if it has.
  2. good now we can get leopard 2
  3. Let's all try and act like we are surprised. :roll:
  4. And a few Merkavas wouldn´t go amiss for urban pacification and mountainous ops.

    Like the article says, tanks are gone. We need a modern replacement.

    Something swift and capable of a bit of smashy smashy. Survivability IS important. But as we found with warships years ago...

    In Warhead V Armour... Warhead ALWAYS wins in the end.
  5. wespe and weasels win everytime
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    ooh Leo 2 or Merkava 3 - just think we could have either one of them now if only the British tank industry demised years ago!
  7. dont think we would have got the merkava - political reasons, leo 2 better as most european armies has it, also same gun as the yanks
  8. Very True - HMS Sheffield was a big loss but it served the purpose of being a dummy for the missile picket line and thus prevented the loss of an Air-Craft carrier to Argie Missiles. That would have been catastrophic.

    I agree, modern replacements necessary.
  9. Yeah but some idiot will insist on a British made engine or gun control system or laser range finder, or bowman wont fit in the space envelope (sound familiar) and then it will become a load of bolt on bits and be a total fcuk up

    As we British are buying it we will also try to insist on influencing the build standard and as usual try to punch above our weight in the contract negotiations and again it will be a total fcuk up
  10. tru a better option dare I say it is to build under licence

    But negating the tank get the German Weasel equipped with TOW/Javalin
  11. yeah, like we did with the Apache...

    oh wait, doesn't that mean that UK Apaches can operate hotter and higher than US ones? :roll:
  12. Are Tanks really needed anymore? More Apaches? and a slack handful of A-10s. Maybe even fast air. Providing the punch to carrier mounted Inf, specialising in mobile fast manouvre. Draggoons even.

    Something like the QLR in WMIKs in the desert.

    Most of the Cav officers are in the AAC anyway :D

    two sabre sqns of WMIKs, Vectors and Such like, and a 3rd sqn of Apache and A-10 to do the malletting.

    Support Tps of Javelin armed vehicles.

    Make it all light to medium armour.
  13. That will set the cat amonst the pigeons with the old duffers in the RAC forum, good job they are all still sleeping off their Christmas dinners. :wink:
  14. The other way around, actually. The Spams needed a good gun for their overpriced and overcomplicated new MBT. They bought the British 105 gun first, but later upgraded to the Rheinmetal 120 one.

    Leo 2 is built to be 'customised'. The Norwegians, Dutch, Austrians, Canadians and Aussies all have their own radio's, different lasers, different MGs and different grenadelaunchers. So fitting Bowman won't be that difficult...

    However... Isn't it better to try and find out who will need to buy new armour for their cavalry and see if they're interested in buying your product? That way the UK tank industry might survive!
  15. There is an old maxim along the lines of "Dont fight the last war".

    Who knows what the next bad guys will have. Tanks are useful.