Afghan Heroes was one of those many "heroes" charities that appeared during the TELIC/HERRICK years that were just vehicles for the "trustees" to make themselves some cash. Many are discussed on other threads on this forum, and Afghan Heroes is mentioned many times. The scumbags associated with this one took it to industrial scale, and the report deserves a thread of its own. It makes salutary reading, and certainly a wake up call to all of those that criticise the mainstream established forces charities, and try to "go it alone".

A few take away lines:

"..The Charity Commission says the former trustees of Afghan Heroes failed to take reasonable care in managing the charity and its finances, and gained significant unauthorised private benefit from it.."

"...The report finds that the charity lost around £337,000 through poorly managed financial transactions with its subsidiary company and third parties. This included £185,000 lost through loans to a trading subsidiary that purchased a lease for a pub in Ashcott that did not prove profitable. The charity also lost £40k in loans to another trading subsidiary to refurbish a pub in Minehead, in which the charity had no legal interest...."

"...The report also finds that four former trustees together received around £348k in unauthorised remuneration, the majority of which was received by the two removed trustees. This included direct payments to the trustees, as well as transactions with companies in which they had a personal financial interest...."

"...The trustees also failed to properly manage the charity’s relationship with a fundraising company, Prize Promotions Limited (PPL), which raised around £3.5 million from the public, of which only around 20% was passed on to the charity, the rest being retained by PPL...."
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Not good! I hope the 2 former trustees are in line for getting their collars felt! It would be interesting to see the relationship between trustees and Prize Promotions Limited, I'll read the report later,
I hope those people that were duped have had their Direct Debits cancelled, another of their MO when in the Shopping Malls

It`s a pity that they were allowed to continue scamming people for so long



Tony Chadwick made a mint out of his assorted 'heroes' scams


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We did receive some nice fake ammo tins from them full of cheap tat, somewhere I still have the tiny capacity memory stick that was part of it.