Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by jash, Mar 11, 2004.

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  1. Yes there is no similarity between OTC and ACF scoff scoff

  2. No let the little blighters put up with one another

  3. bbbaaaaaa wheres the CCF in all this

  1. Since this forum is nearly the most popular on the whole site and since there is not one recent post by an ACF person should we be demerged and be allowed spout shite to our little hearts content
  2. I concur.
  3. Personally I don't see it as a problem. The ACF/CCF bods haven't complained about us posting utter cr*p, nor indeed have they posted much of anything recently. Thus it is only really a title issue. If separate OTC and ACF forums were created how much use would the ACF one get? How long would it last?
  4. Priceless, priceless.
  5. Hmm... I think we have to big careful about this one, or we'll piss the big boys off.
    You see, while you argue that this is the most popular forum, I think the Naafi Bar is slightly more frequented by the majority of users on ARRSE. That's the point. It's only popular because of a small band of merry men posting utter drivel, which is completely obscure and irrelevent, contributing nothing to the rest of the board.
    Personally, I like it that way, but I don't think we can start throwing our weight around, simply because we have nothing better to do than post umpteen times a day!
    Just my tuppence... :D
  6. Maybe the argument is that our banter intimidates the young 'uns and deters them from having a fun place to play and that's why they should be given a forum away from this one.
  7. True.
    But we don't get that many posters under the age of 19/20 anyway, so despite my last post, I can see the merit of splintering off.
  8. Sorry Macks,
    Maybe I'm not being clear. I think we should have a demerger, I just think the argument which could be more favourably received by the powers-that-be isn't about how we feel about sharing, it's about the fact that sharing the Forum is keeping the ACF-ers out. It seems likely to me that keeping us together is deterring the ACF-ers from having a place to post and that can't be good.
  9. Ah! Roger. Sorry, misunderstood. I agree with you there.
    Playing Devil's Advocate, how many ACF-ers do you think visit ARRSE?
  10. Bert? Over to you
  11. I think Moonman has a point, and originally the ACFers were not made to feel welcome at all, and to be fair, anyone non OTC related who comes into this forum has to feel a bit out of place. But are there enough of them to warrant it?
  12. Exactly why I asked the previous question Lewis. Are there sufficient numbers of ACF-ers to warrant them having their own board? Because if a seperate OTC board is made, the ACF will either have to have their own board, or not have one at all.
  13. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I for one agree with Macks first post. The ACF component in the forum name is really for ACF staff - given that the ACF has more in common with the OTC than it has with the regular army. Since most ACF staff have some military background they typically contribute to the rest of the site.

    As to whether the ACF warrant their own board, I'd say probably not. My reasoning being that most of them have gone to another forum to discuss ACF issues without the shouting down from the regulat /TA crowd. I think they deserve a place in ARRSE due to their military associations, but I don't think their own board is the answer.
  14. Oh god not again does anybody read back posting. The board will NOT demerge!
  15. no, even we dont have that much time 8O , you really need to get out more! :wink: