dementia and domestics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bossyboots, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Briefly, this morning i had to take my 83 yr old grandmother to the hospital to see the shrink ( surprisingly he let us both out!) She doesn't weigh 7 stone wet through, she is barely mobile and she has grandmother that is, not the shrink.
    After struggling to find a parking space, i finally found an unofficial space out of the way where i wasn't blocking anyones way.
    The this bint came over and started on.
    'You aren't staff are you?'
    'Whats it got to do with you'? asks me
    'This car park is for consultants only and we can't park because of such as you taking the spaces'
    'Are you a consultant?' ( i had already spied her ID badge stating she was a domestic assistant )
    'No, but i can park in here' she says
    'Do one, skivvy' says me.

    Now, the question is, should i have.
    A: just driven off and found somewhere else ?
    B: set my grandmother about her ( she may only be little, but hell she has a slap that has you seeing undiscovered planets )
    C: got back in my car and run the bint over?
    D: said nothing and just walked away?

    Personally i wanted to take on MDN's idea of battering her with an inflatable pillow before shoving a breadbin up her arrse sideways...however i had neither of these objects to hand at the time.
  2. Well imagine if the 'boot was on the other foot'(no pun intended.. :eek: ) 'n' taking your arsse 'nom de plume' into account no doubt you'd be 'gobbing' off so adopt a 'there but for the Grace of God' attitude and get on with your life.... 8)
  3. No BlueD, park where you find it convenient for an old lady, particularly one with bad mobility problems i say.
  4. I would have gone for choice B I think. :p
  5. Good choice Rucker, i would have sold popcorn and ringside tickets :D
  6. In that case I've always found the little XHatch yellow box directly opp. the A&E front entrance the most convienient place.. :wink: .. :wink:
  7. Go for it Blue, just mind the domestic isn't armed with a broom at the time...or you will be buggered to speak :lol:
  8. Dementia is something I try to forget about..............
  9. What is TheBigUn :?
  10. Sorry, I can't maddening. :wink:
  11. Rabbit punch it in the kidneys and run away quickly so you don't catch a disease from it.
  12. No disabled parking available?
  13. I dont have a blue badge etc for her Fairynuff.
  14. I think you reacted in the right way BB. Obviously the stupid fecker wasn't a consultant either and they had the hump that they couldn't nick the space. You should have beaten her to the floor and then let your Gran stamp on her head until flat. Then you should have taken her ID card and shoved it up her arrse.
  15. I like your style Blackrat. Next time i shall use your advice. :D I can always blame it on my grandmother. She wont know any different and she will be too busy shrieking nonsense to care.
    Meanwhile i will be busy trying to park my car on the domestics head or similar.