DEME(A) resigns?!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Maj_Boothroyd, Jul 17, 2004.

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  1. Of course I will. I have nothing better to do.

  2. I'll sit tight and see what they run up the flagpole before I salute.

  1. Just got an email from a friend in Oman saying that Brig Steve Tetlow, DEME(A) has resigned his commission. The new bloke is Brig Nigel Williams, never heard of myself, but if it's I expect we'll see his face on the cover of the Craftsman very soon.

    Bugger, and I'd just finished writing my DES management plan. Or had I? Maybe I'll just not bother and see what the new guy says...
  2. I can't the beieve the news of a Brigadier resigning his commisssion has produced so little discusion! Do the the 9000 members of the REME just not give a feck?
  3. What is the reason for his untimely demise?
  4. Does anyone know when he is due to leave???? :?: :?: :?:
  5. Apparently he was told wouldn't be advancing beyond Brigadier so he threw his teddy and resigned. Plenty of of LCpls and Cpls do the same thing when given similar news. But I don't suppose they walk out to consultancy jobs on double what they were on when in...
  6. :( And here was me hoping he was making a political statement about the state of the Corps.
  7. Maybe he's heard about the reme/rlc joining together rumour and thought f"*k this for a game of soldiers! :evil:
  8. Served briely under Nigle Williams. Filled me full of confidence. Not sure what his views are now though (he never invites me round for tea).

    I think Tetlow resigned (God I hope this is true for the sake of REME) as he was not only not supported by the CFN to WO1s (officers generally backed his stupid ideas as he encouraged cronyism), but the couple of articles in the CFN by fellow Senior Officers blew his " The Corps back me" stance.
  9. IMHO if all ranks from the freshly recruited Craftsman (please notify me when one turns up) up to, and including, DEME(A) grew a pair of blx instead of concentrating on their own personal gains, the Corps would not be in the state it is in. However now that I am on the other side of the fence I trully appreciate the outstanding professionalism that REME tradesmen continue to display whilst pulling rabbits from their arrse.

    Cfn...Shut up, listen and learn. And try to enjoy yourselves.
    LCpl's....As above, but more pay, therefore more beer.
    Cpl's...You are Commanders, take command and earn your pay! Tech's included. Even more beer!
    Sgt's...Just cos you have three tapes doesn't make you god. Try drinking Port for a change, but only the cheap stuff.
    SSgt's (Tiffy)...Leave your OU at home and have the humility to listen to those around you. And try and get at least one medal! Stick to orange squash.
    SSgt's (Artisan)...You are there for a reason, experience! Share it! And support the Tiffy scum (oops sorry, relapse :oops: ) Try to leave some booze for others.
    WO2 (RS before you go)..Insist on and provide realistic military training and try not to feel too insulted when someone asks why. Especially someone more intelligent than you :wink: Please feel free to buy vintage Port for all to enjoy. By the crate.
    WO2 (AQMS)..Refer to SSgt's (Tiffy)
    WO2 (Artisan)..Is there such a thing yet? They must be god cos I haven't seen em yet. Turn tap water into vodka. Please. On low band they cant afford owt else.
    ASM...Sign 1043's. Tell CO's that there are not enough hours in the day/tradesmen on the planet/paper in the rain forest's to complete that task.
    RSM...You are not a member of the Royal Family. Shine pointy stick daily. Buy more than one round a year out of your own pocket, not out of Mess funds. And your were given a name other that Sir.
    2nd Lt...Ask Cfn nicely to buy you a can of Shandy. Expect to be told to go away.
    Lt....See Cfn
    Capt...Make a decision..stay cos you want to make a difference, or go cos you are indifferent.
    Maj..Listen to all your SNCO's except for the Tiffies ( :oops: done it again)
    Lt Col..Stop fiddling your Bn leave/retention returns. Get on the shop floor and make the youngsters a brew when they are being run ragged. And for god's sake don't say 'Well done you', pass him a spanner instead. And pay for a huge amount of drinks at the spring, summer and Xmas functions.
    Col..Make every passing Brigadier a brew. And honestly tell him where he is going wrong...twice. Especially those Cav/Guards/Daddy owns Cornwall barstewards.
    Brig...Do everything in your power for your Corps...not yourself! And pay for my bar bill!
  10. Another slice of wisdom from wibblefishbanana. Please stay in the Royal Signals area where you now belong. Your advice will surely be taken here as it is in the Royal signals area! Laughed at, and ignored. Has the new Ex-RA boss not sorted you out yet, I must speak to him again this weekend in the mess.


    Happy in Elmpt
  11. And as an ex Tech Tiffy, so your advice shall be evaluated :wink:
  12. My advice will be evaluated ? You wouldn't even understand it!
  13. Of course it will be evaluated and graded go away and listen to your SNCO's...or have you forgotten you stint as short as it was :wink:
  14. Graded accordingly! I bet you've done loads of that eh! You have been graded by the likes of me pal!

    Getting bored.
  15. By the way, read your PM messages and take heed pal.