Demand for PC ness.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Sep 14, 2005.

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  1. It was drawn to my attention earlier this morning that world may not have yet gone completely PC mad.

    Bassats have been flogging jelly babies since before Medman82 was a twitch in his dads shrivelled up sack. From the beginning they offered a multicultured breed of soft jelly infants.

    I'm sure they helped global harmony and its rumoured they were indirectly responsible for the tearing down of the Iron wall.

    Sadly they have been resting on thier laurels and have failed to leap into the 21st century.

    There are no Downs, Jelly babies

    There are no half cast jelly babies, none with special metal mouth braces

    No siamese or crippled wheelchair bound babies, the list of thier failings is endless.

    Now call mr Racist if you choose, but I used to feel better about myself if I could bite the head of half a dozen minority babies before school. Imagine the impact and joy to proper people if you could nibble the limb of an amputee baby or persecute a Parkinsons jelly sweet.

    Come on Bassets, get with the programme, even C-Beebies and Ballamory have got mongs, spazzers, and disabled working for them... lets have some toffee mongs we can chew up, and masticate over instead of masterbating over them
  2. If you want to make them look "special" just leave a box on a (hot) radiator for an hour or two! :D
  3. I thought they could chuck all the left over bits and lumps that drop on the floor into mis-shaped packets and call it the 'surgeons bucket babies'
  4. Dr. 'Mengele' Bassett probably keeps the best bits for himself! :roll: :lol:
  5. If you want Parkinsons Jelly Babies, why not just keep shaking the bag?
  6. The special 'Islamic' baby made a long speach about how we opress islam in the west then blew itself up in the bag :(
  7. For the same reason, if I wanted mong babies I'd drop breeze blocks on the bag...

    Not my place too, Bassets want our trade, let us feast on the mutilated creations they come up with.

    Next you'l be suggesting if we want our own hobblies, we provide our own motorised chariots?
  8. There could be a whole market for different textures. Flaky ones for jelly babies with leprosy, crunchy ones that are in wheelchairs, crispy ones for burnt babies.
  9. how would you nibble on the limb of the amputee jelly baby? would you nibble on the remaining limbs? If it was a quadrupedic, would the limbs be separate in the bag??

    Just asking
  10. I have to say that they already make Autistic babies they are the ones that are turned away from the other babies in the corner of the bag and you just can't get them out.

    They are also working hard to perfect the Gwar baby as well but the colouring just alludes them, they've got the strong taste of citrus and urine bang on but just can't get the Ginger colouring to stick and it reverts to green every time.
  11. If you punch a black jelly baby baby it it turns white. Strange!
  12. If you punch a white baby it will eventually turn black. And blue.
  13. Poke the confectionary, let make real jelly babies. Get a nice bath fill it with 40 packs of chivers orange jelly and 20 litres of water. Stir in a set of triplets and wait to set. Once set you can have them with custard, cream or on its own with the severed head of the next doors cat garnishing the jelly bowl. Yum yum, anyone apart from Michael Jackson got any babies for sale, I am hungry now? Come on there must be a few unwanted mongs to be given away!