Delusional savages?

Delusional savages? Well if you were a madrassa-educated fanatic from a fucked country, ruled by fear by scabby mullahs you would believe anything you were told concerning those evil geniuses..izzy cohen and his mates!
Cunt....took me and my mate Avraham ages to train that vulture, I specifically told him "don't get caught, you ugly cunt"

Going to have to go to plan B......where's that coat wearing monkey gone.....
Navigation's a bit off then. Ontario is fucking miles from anywhere that's dusty with inhabitants that smell of shit.

Edit: You could always send a goat. The locals would never bother it at all. No. Wait.
It's all part of the plan, those retarded sudanese savages won't even think to arrest my well trained coat wearing spy monkey especially now he's a celebrity.
He'll take the scenic route till he arrives and starts transmitting his "int" via a series of you tube videos.

Code name "Goliath" incase you were wondering.


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sorry - I read delusional savages and assumed it was another scottish freedom thread!

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