Delta Troop 1998

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Anthony, Nov 24, 2002.

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  1. Anyone trained in Bassingbourn, 1 squadron signals, Delta Troop from 10 Aug - 06 Nov 1998?
  2. yeah i did!! you mean there is more than one of us left????? thought the troop had bee kicked out for drugs!! lol
    Ahhh Jimmy F wake up calls,,,,,,dont you miss them????

    [Surname removed - Bow_Man]
  3. Jimmy F the big bad scots man.  I am with him here at Blandford now.  LOL.

    [Surname removed - Bow_Man]
  4. Anyone Heard of my Brov David K ( aka keenie, waylander) who is now a lance jack in Aldershot?

    [Surname removed - Bow_Man]
  5. not too sure who i sent to Bassingbourn at that time, i was up in Carlisle recruiting :D

    but i know all the instructors from down there at that time, Big Mitch, Jimmy F who was in my troop at 3 Div, Craig P,

    appy days :)

    [Surnames removed - Bow_Man]
  6. was there a big lad from liverpool known as spock there then? not sure if he was in delta troop then or a bit later, he was ex TA.......
  7. BigBadLiney is David K[/quote]