Dell Laptops forces discount and automatic TAX FREE for BFPO

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by tally_target, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. I have just had my first real,proper,pucker laptop.I got it from Dell online big discounts for Brit forces and if you are at a BFPO address they knock of the tax as well. I am well impressed ,customer service is spot on as well as the maint guy on the end of the phone.I dont work for them but I would recommend them to anyone.
  2. Dell are ok but can a a pain when you either do upgrades or if something goes wrong.

    they use Dell only components so their motherboards and PSUs are not the same as off the shelf parts

    If you are buying and are based in the uk use the small business tel no as you can blag upgrades and get a better price than home users.

  3. I am pretty certain they use standard PSU'S now,I was looking to upgrade mine and checked on their support forums
  4. Hi Rhodesian, their processers are all current spec, thier motherboards are not, They do not have as many spare PCI or PCIe slots are you may like.

    But for your pound they are fine.

    Their PSUs on some of the new PCs are specific to DELL only and can be expensive to replace.

    Their big problem is that they dont understand most people want to have a surround sound system for gaming with good graphics at a decent price.
  5. tt,

    you wouldn't happen to have a contact telephone number for Dell tax free sales,

  6. Got you pal,mine is about 3 years old and due to be replaced with one from either Gladiator or Chillblast (hopefully),I haven't had much trouble with Dell but I was bothered about upgrading them,like you say about the motherboards and such