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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ordinaryforces, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. any ideas
    I recently bought a dell laptop, every day without fail after using for about 30mins the pointer takes on a mind of its own and wanders all over the place then the screen freezes, the next thing is the usual message telling me windows has stopped responding, Has anybody any idea how to sort this?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Which antivirus are you using and is it up to date?

  3. Just looked in control panel and it says none 8O
    so I suppose I'll have to look into that.

    cd posted last night.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Look under Control Panel -> Security Centre.

  5. msr
    I did
    It said did not find any anti-virus.
  6. Dell are famous for using sub standard hardware…

    Go into your control panel and disable the pointer on your keyboard…
    Does the mouse still move on its own??
    If yes then disable the pointer on your palm rest…
    Does the mouse still move on its own?

    If disabling the pointers stops the mystic mouse movement then you have a hardware fault.
    Contact Dell and they’ll replace the parts if you’re still under warrantee.

    “windows has stopped responding”
    I’ve never known a virus to cause such a dramatic error message. That sounds more like something is conflicting with your OS. Have you installed anything recently?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    So how did they become one of the biggest hardware suppliers in the world?

  8. Goku thanks

    must admit that picture thingy of yours has sort of broke my concentration a bit :lol:
  9. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    I thought all dells came with 1 yr McAfee installed
  10. No sign of it here,
    there was a free 3month option for MC afee which I didn't take, I suppose I better mention at this stage that I bought it in tescos :oops:
  11. Their business customer support is 2nd to none.

    To list a few faults that I’ve had to deal with…

    The Optiplex 260 – 280 had a motherboard produced in Singapore with faulty capacitors.
    They would pop after about 6 months continues use. This was down to the manufacture not following specifications (according to the Dell engineer I discussed this with).

    The Latitude D600 had a faulty wireless card that was prone to failing in its early days.

    The Latitude D620 suffered from an “SVC error”. This was due to a hardware/driver conflict with XP pro.
    This was resolved by me moaning to Dell and MS and ended in MS producing a patch to fix the problem after about 1yr of serious problems for my office.

    Don’t get me wrong.
    I hate Dell and love them at the same time.
    In a work environment they’ll fix any HW issues I have the next day (once I get past their trouble shoot by flow chart methods), and if I have a SW issue then they’ll bend over backwards to fix it if it’s from their image.

    But I’d never recommend a Dell to a home user. Not judging by the experiences I’ve had with them over the last 6 years.
    They’re not worth the hassle.

    Edited to add…

    I built my own desktop and I wouldn’t have a clue as to who to recommend as a decent manufacture.
    My advice for home users is always to build your own desktop after researching into what HW components don’t conflict with others. It’s not rocket science, computer HW is no more complex than lego.

    If you’re a business then DELL are good enough.
    They WILL fckuk up, but they will attempt to fix your problem the next day.
  12. dell apparently have received a lot of carp graphics cards from nvidia. my m90 is on its third, although the second one was fixed the next day, the first one took over a week with next day on site business cover!
  13. If you're stuck without AV software, give AVG a try, it's free and it's fairly painless. Unless someone more knowledgeable than me can say otherwise, it's supposed to be pretty good.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I don't recommend it.

    If you want a free AV solution try this:

  15. Installed this at ahhhem work, much better than avg, when it scans, the window is called "Luke Filewalker"!

    Can do a scan in 15 mins