Dell laptop battery - recommendations where to buy?

I need a new battery for my Dell D620. I'm baulking at paying Dell £100 for a new OEM item, as thats probably more than the laptop is worth...

Obviously eBay lists a number of suppliers:

- private auctions for genuine Dell batteries, but second hand or "new" but no warranty - ie risk of buying a brick;

- "genuine" Dell items from bulk suppliers, mostly in China;

- a few other suppliers offering aftermarket non-branded replacements;

I.e. lots of potential to make a false economy and chuck money away on something that turns out not to perform.

Does anyone have experience of buying in decent batteries from an aftermarket supplier? Are there some genuine quality products out there, branded or non-branded?

Thanks for any leads....
I am in the same situation, with the same laptop and like you, just waiting for someone to help :)

A few adverts in MicroMart(out on a Thursday) for Laptop Batteries.
Or you could try Ebay?
Some tiome ago I bought an unbranded battery for my Sony laptop from a irish operation on ebay and had no problems. More recently I have purchased a few items fro Hong Kong and Taiwan on ebay and although delivery takes 2-3 weeks on average I must admit at the prices they were wanting you couldn't complain,

I do check the feedback and volume they have done first though.
4(T) said:
mistersoft said:
Used this lot for the wife's Dell.

Received (very quickly) a genuine Dell replacement battery (with guarantee) at a fraction of the price that Dell wanted.

And here's the one you're looking for:
Thanks very much for the recommendation; I'll give these guys a go.
No problems with this supplier: battery turned up a day later by recorded delivery. Genuine Dell, seems brand new, certainly holds a full charge.
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