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Dell gives the go ahead for Linux

Im somewhat skeptical, id LOVE to start using Linux but the fact remains, having grown up with windows it will take a lot of getting used to. more so than if you were new to computers because you wouldn't be used to a certain way an OS works and having to forget all that because we all know how much different linux is to windows.

Not being able to browse the c drive for example.

Secondly is the support for games, or lack there of. But maybe, just maybe if more companies like dell start doing this then the games manufacturers will start taking notice.

?200 for Vista, fcuk all for Linux. I can certainly see the appeal.
Well I hope they do it and it catches on. I hate M$ and I am going to learn Linux as soon as I get time, prolly start out on Ubuntu or go straight into Fedora but the fact remains at the moment everything seems to be a workaround with it.

I paid £3 for a copy of Mandriva off ebay because I couldn't be arrsed downloading it myself.

Linux ftw In my opinion I just really hope it catches on with the mainstream, then get Linux quals and get paid loads of $$$'s :)

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