Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by once_a_maverick, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Trying to buy a taxfree Dell.

    Apparently there's a number for a desk which deals specifically with this. Unfortunately the last 3 people that I've spoken to (in India) have not been able to furnish me with the correct number.

    Can anybody help me please.
  2. Phone the sales desk and ask for the BFPO Sales Desk.

    You will be sent around in circles. You will leave messages on answering machines (that won't be responded to for hours). You will be given unintelligable e-mail addresses. Finally you will (as I did) threaten that you will expose how useless they are on every Forces and IT Website, AND you will buy from a rival unless someone calls you within 10 minutes. Within that time, and for hours afterwards, you will get lots of calls from the BFPO desk. Then you will tell them what you want included for free (and if within reason, you might get it - I did!)

    Good luck, keep trying!
  3. Thanks Legs.

    My problem is probably that I only tried for an hour and a half.

    I'll have to learn to be more patient.
  4. I dont have the number any more but, once you do find it, you will be talking to someone in Ireland, not India and it will all make sense.

    Is it worth the hassle. Probably but it is a lot of hassle. Is the number not in that latest forces savings booklet (I dont have a copy at the moment to check).
  5. It wasn't Ireland last week! It was India, the staff were Indian sounding with Indian names. It made very little sense...
  6. Ha ha, found it in said book.

    Lets see if it's any good.

    Wish me luck
  7. The Dell helpdesk in Germany is really good and most operators can probably speak English or direct you to someone that can, maybe you could phone them if in Germany.I called the sales desk in Ireland to see if I could get a a laptop with a US keyboard(better for Linux/Unix) instead of a UK one, I couldn't so accepted the UK one and had it delivered to Germany. However, when delivered I found out that the Guarantee was for UK only and not EU wide as promised on the website. it took about 40 euros worth of phone calls trying to get hold of the original salesman as only he could change the warranty.At the time Dells were about 100 pounds cheaper in the UK(that month -around Jan 2001) but prices are about the same now. Make sure that you also get a guarantee that covers you for where you are and not just the UK
  8. Mav the tax free Dell are on the EPP (Employee Purchase Program) run at 10% discount. WWW.DELL.CO.UK/EPP

    Phone 08709075683 quote BFPO and will be VAT free.
  9. Cheers Budgie, not only can I now get a computer that does the necessary for less than 300 suids but it's going to be good enough that I can tell her indoors that it cost 500 and pocket the difference. Jobs a good un
  10. You are welcome :salut: HP are also doing this on worth a shop around methinks? :wink:
  11. If you are Apple orientated they also do EPP 0r call 08000391200. :idea: