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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by DuncsGTi, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. Just incase anybody didn't know already, Dell give forces a decent discount on their computers/laptops.

    I just specced an alienware gaming laptop up to nearly £1800, and got it bfpo tax free, plus 8% discount, so only paid £1350 for it.

    To get the discount just google dell bfpo and call the number :D
  2. Wouldn't it be easier just to copy and past the number????
    UK BFPO (Military Posted overseas Vat free Purchase) 0844 444 6025 Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.30
  3. Probably, however, the Dell website takes about 10 minutes to load on my laptop using the paradigm welfare wifi so I couldnt be arsed waiting for it to come up. Sorry
  4. A lot of places offering discounts are inflating the prices beforehand.
  5. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    A Dell discount still gives you an overpriced, unreliable bag of shit with shoddy components.Everyone should have a mate capable of putting together a PC for a bottle of whiskey and a lapdance, allowing you to buy exactly what you need at exactly the price you should be paying - if not less. If you don't have such a friend, find one immediately.
  6. Have to agree, Dell are crap made and their customer service is even worse. The other point is that Dell have a unique ability to charge a fortune for parts and you can't often buy bits off the shelf.
  7. or failing that, ask kindly on here or some techy forum elsewhere surely..
  8. Well, the Alienware laptop I have just bought has worked out to be a bit of a bargain, there is no other laptop out there with the spec I have just got, for even near the price I have paid.

    If I wanted a gaming PC not laptop then yes, I would buy the components and self build but with a notebook it is so much easier to buy prebuilt.
  9. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    For help, yes. Physically putting together a computer is difficult via the Internet!

    I have issues with the practicality of "gaming laptops"; the term is essentially an oxymoron as far as I'm concerned. I'm not a huge fan of laptops full stop. That aside I would probably have to agree.
  10. I'm in the market now to sort my own PC out but it seems alot of my usual component stores in the UK don't want to play along with the tax free shopping business of BFPO's so considering an alienware but not sure... So much premium for less a spec, also they don't do low capacity SSD's just for windows and some apps.