Dell Discount?

Hi guys,

Been reading a bit and a few of you have mentioned a discount with Dell. Is this the same as the MoD EPP?

Anyone had any luck in getting their sales monkeys to drop prices?

Cheers aye,

Search through coupon codes on google. I got myself 10% and then free delivery less than a month ago. They normally have a few deals on the go. Just buy when it best suits your needs.
Yeah, apparently they change deals every Thursday.
Nothing good going on this week, so might check back tomorrow.

Cheer fellas.
I got a free upgrade on the size of monitor, free double memory and free delivery (within a week of the call) just before chrimbo.
Macks, PM inbond
Don't forget to check out the Dell outlet store, I just 'saved' about £500 by using it.

Although I may not have actually spent anything if it wasn't such a bargain.
They work on a 28 day month - " 13 periods in a year" so best deals will always be available at the end of a "period" just need to figure out what week they are in.
Or these guys?: PcBuyIt, I've not tried them myself but also noticed that they have an Ebay store too with 3400 fdbk at 99% positives. Apparently their stuff is brand new Dell items with Dell warranties at lower prices.
I got my laptop using the Employee discount, saved about 10& off the list price I think. That includes all the over offers such as double RAM etc.

Phone their buisness line and ask about it, much quicker that normal customer serivce centre.
if your at an oversea BFPO tell this to Dell when you order and you get it tax free i got a laptop whilst in Germany got it tax free and deliverd great laptop as well

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