Dell D810 - obsolete?

I have rediscovered a Dell D810, running Windows XP. I am also a computer biff. I intend to use it for web browsing and study, but is it too old and not worth messing about with, or can it be brought up to scratch?
What are the exact specs? Whilst it is an older model, from the reviews I've read it should handle W7 pretty well if kitted out at the higher end of the range. Don't expect blistering performance tho.


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pentium m is cross between celeron and p4 if I remember correctly and it takes up to 4gb ram with 128mb ati graphics

win 7 can run stripped down on on less than a gb of ram, I ran the previews and final versions on an old P4 laptop for two years and it ran better than xp with less crashing. the usual issue is hardware drivers but most can be gotten around.

from the specs it should run fine and maybe even windows 8 if you try the free preview or ubuntu which again is free. I've had win 8 running on a p4 as well but video drivers can be an issue.

what will slow it down at the moment is windows xp being a bit bloated, if you have the discs a fresh install would produce decent results.

the usual drawback is battery life if you wanted to hump it around but as a desktop replacement it would be fine, if you got another machine then you could turn it into a networked device for watching tv vids in another room or a music/internet centre.

I have one on the sideboard which has a bad video card but will run an external monitor and decent speakers so its loaded up with xbmc to use when my digibox signal is useless or watching stored files the media drive doesn't play.

very handy for the impromtu web searches as well. :)

it would also work with older cheaper games like half life, halo or battlezone.

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