Delivery to BFPOs at last

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mission, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. If any of you out there have ever tried to buy decent clothes in Germany then i commend you. for the rest of us all that was left is internet shopping only problem is trying to find somewhere that sells decent designer gear like stone island and Armani that delivers to BFPO addresses. Praise the lord for Really good site that will deliver to BFPO's worldwide hurrah i reccomend that you all take a peek!!
  2. **********. Free publicity or what!!!!
  3. if posting to bfg use the post code nw7 1px and include BFPO XX (insert number) in town or street
    regards nutty the postie
  4. tried that with my sky card 2 months ago and it still ain't here.
  5. Mission, take advantage of your tax free fuel and go down to Mc Arther Glen in Roermond - Armani, gucci all over the place. Either that, or go to any major german town and shop there - your not behind the iron curtain anymore!!!
  6. it will be down to your address as thousands are sucessfull using that post code honestly
    it needs to have your bfpo in the address not the place ie fally etc.
  7. Designer gear?????
    Whats wrong with sqn sweatshirt, stone washed jeans and pi55 wrapped dessy boots eh??
  8. It could be because that Sky are not allowed, by law, to transmit outside of UK. The fact that many of us can, and do get it is besides the point. Try getting your Sky card registered and sent to a UK address, and then have it forwarded.
  9. I'm sorry but having looked at that uk-clobber website, I cannot but think one word....

  10. I was just going to say that. And why is BFPO postage more than UK? There is no need for it to be. Best avoided!
  11. Sorry, cant find the thread I read just the other day, but its to do with MOD getting a share for carrying your goods from Mill Hill to BFPO Wherever.

    I'm also sure if you post a parcel from a UK Post Office (and the clerk knows what he/she is doing) you get charged a bit more for BFPO than you would to another UK address.

    Hope this helps, even if it depresses the shite out of you :wink:

  12. I had a quick look as well and I must agree,even a Bulgarian refugee would turn his nose up at that shite,stick with the shorts & T shirt
  13. £55 for a pink armani t-shirt?? No fooking chance.
  14. That is designer gear isn't it?