Delivery of ICSC(L)

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by barbs, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Because the chain of command has failed to brief this down adequately where I work, I assume the same applies elsewhere - nithing really ground breaking, but worth posting.

  2. Interesting. It infers that 'returners' will need to use their pre-existing training from their initial job (if they are going back into the same stream - something that the new system is designed to prevent) or will have to use their notes from ICSC(L) - when they were asleep in every lesson - approximately 5 years previously!

  3. Or does it mean that the 'Training Margin' aka 'gap' is met by your new employer? - so that'll be good for people who need long ET prior to a subsequent Technical job! Hlaf of yoru first year in opst spent on a course.
  4. Awesome. So ICSC(L) 2 runs from Sep 05 to May 06 and ICSC(L) 3 [Part 1] will run from Sep 06 to Apr 07.

    That sounds like Majors on the current course don't need to attend one month's worth of ICSC(L) 2, which is clearly too long.

    I pick Febuary. I will not be in work throughout Feb. In fact, I am going to go skiing. Any problems?
  5. No problems whatsoever. Can i join you, Feb doesn't look that good. Although Georgia may be interesting.
  6. Good point, I'll take the first two weeks of both December and January :lol:
  7. It isn't.
  8. This is brilliant!.

    We could do the same with all career courses (CC) in the first year (FY) of joining up (JU). To that end, we could get the soldiers to do overlapping courses (OCs) in the first six months after basic training (BT) and if successful (IS) could be an SNCO by year 2. LE officers would be selected from the successful students (SS) and thus immediately solve the recruiting gap (RG) avoiding any reduction in soldier excitement. (AARSE).

    Who sits on these evaluation boards and then comes up with this cr*p?:.... "The endstate was a revalidation of the ICSC(L) requirement, Training Objectives (TOs) and planning assumptions and endorsement by the ROCC PB of the optimum delivery means for ICSC(L) within the constraints of time, space and resources".....or, "we looked at it, cut a few bits out to cope with the reduction in trainers and it still fits cos we've overlapped the courses - woo hoo."

  9. I hope to God (for the sake of the next course) they cut the tedious bit out of Mil Tech rather than any of the useful/interesting stuff.

    Picture the scene. CGS is about to embark on a long series of meetings at MOD to discuss a future conflict in some Central part of another continent. He turns to his MA2, who has just finished the reduced ICSC(L) having completed NO previous staff training.

  11. Not even getting out on the lash cos your other half is in the UK??

    I know the rest is going to be painful though.
  12. :D
  13. CGS to MA....

    "find me another pretty brew bitch if you ever want to Command...this time one who can write! I'm off to get re-Botoxed. I'm fed up of being 'craggy'. And get me some more moisturiser, you fuck1ng hat."


    "You are too kind, my Lord and Master. And handsome."


    Christmas eve...........faaaaaackin 'elllll..........
  14. I've been selected to join ICSC(L)3 but not too sure what to expect. I've heard a few romours that there a some hotties working for Serco.............Am I right?!
  15. Not only have you already posted this inane nonsense elsewhere on this board, you also asked me via PM. Let it go, FFS.

    And no - there aren't any 'hotties' working for SERCO. And learn to spell as well.