Delightful irony


Clickety click the link and see if you too appreciate the irony of the newsy images.

1. Discussion on whether modestly dressed picture of young girl is art or paedoporn, followed by;
2. Collection of Catholic priests dressed in their finery discussing what moves they are going to pull when the Pope comes to Sydney next week.

Maybe I should just go home…
vvaannmmaann said:
Oz,It seems that the images have changed? no girls in their scanties to be seen anywhere,dammit!
Oh well - you mob were all sleeping.

Great arrse by the way.

Watching the news reports last night I couldn't help but think the young girl seemed to be talking from a script. She said she was against what the PM had said but couldn't remember and had to ask dad. I wouldn't doubt her old man is touching her up and brainwashing her into thinking it's all okay and it's the greater public that are the weird ones. You only had to see how the throbber of a dad was dressed and acted to realise there is definately something not right with that family. Sick, sick bastards. Definately paedo porn.

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