Delicate Question of Etiquette...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Right.. I just know that the legion of ARRSE Miss Manners will have the right anwser for me.

    The Missus is ' deploying' in July and won't return until June of my question is..

    How soon after the plane lifts off do I wait before inviting the 19 year old, perky norked hottie, who works in the local grocery, to bunk in?
  2. 9.46 seconds.
  3. You can shave valuable seconds off the above mentioned time by having aforementioned mammarily blessed bit's number on speedial on your phone all ready...
  4. Or to save more time, get a set of keys cut for her and have her waiting for you once you have dropped Mrs at point of departure.
  5. Wow a true gent, waiting until she actually leaves :blowkiss:
  6. Quite correct how cool would it be to get a bit of FMF action before your bint fcuks off
  7. Give me her number and I'll ring her for you and arrange it to save you the time.
    No need to thank me, it's all part of the service.
  8. Where is your missus deploying to? Because if im there I will tell her what a complete bastard you really are. (Before offering to "comfort" her,This does not apply if shes a ginger)
  9. Why wait for take off. Put in some ground work before hand, prior planning and peperation.
  10. An etiquette aunt writes:

    Now I am sure this is as true today as it was in 1854 when Miss Nightingale penned those words before popping off to the Crimea...hope that helps.
  11. LOL!!!! Mind you, from the looks of Florence any grot flick starring her would not come under the definition of mainstream p0rn, definitely special interest gear...'Y'know what floats my boat? The thought of Florence Nightingale p1ssing on a lady dressed in the uniform of the 57th of Foot from 1854...'
  12. This isn't etiquette matey... it's Protocol - or have a Pro To Call.

    PPPPPP :!:
  13. I thank the International ARRSE Community for its timely and insightful response..

    I must admit that I hadn't considered a ' pre-deployment interview' between the wife and the ' surrogate ' [ I'd be thinking of the wife's sacrifice each time ] to encourage ' bonding '..

    However, it is not as if the Missus doesn't know or care about the young woman in question, having met her on more than one shopping excursion. She was, as I recall, very solicitous as to her health, commenting; " That girl is going to suffer some severe back and muscle pain when she is a bit older " [ though she did make a rather ascerbic comment along the lines of " I don't understand why the laws of gravity don't apply in her case " ]
  14. Well you can help stop that pain by making sure she is on her back as much as possable.

    If Mrs R asks just say you were concerned about health, as she had pointed it out to you herself.