Delicate moral problem

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trans-sane, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    This afternoon on the way to the gym I was acosted by one of those charity mugger people. He asked me "For just one minute of your life."

    I responded with "Sorry I've got terminal cancer. I haven't got a minute to spare."

    So my moral dilema:- Am I going to hell?

    And If I am, can anyone give me some names. Thats so I can team up with them, give satan a shoeing and we can run the place properly.
  2. haha thats awful but i dont think it's hell worthy, i tend to just g for the "I've already done your questionnare/donated/been irritated by you"

  3. Going to hell doesn't scare me.

    Lotsa folk I know will probably end up there and at least it's warm.

    Might even be able to organise a package tour via the Hellraisers Club :D
  4. Ask the dictators down there...they could tell you how to take charge. Get Caubeen to baffle him with latin and the rest of you jump him.

    Anyway God plagued people and smote them therefore he shouldnt mind if you dont help people now.
  5. its only morally acceptable if its been forced upon you, these people forced themselves upon you and so they deserved the answer
  6. It's not as bad a dilemna as if he had given you his collection tin and told you that you needed it most.
  7. I got really drunk not long back and told a group of americans we met in the pub they deserved to die in 9/11 for thinking Tony B'lair was a great man.,,,,,,,,,so I'll help you with said shoeing
  8. Whilst waiting for a taxi to take me to the bar, a young Indonesian woman ask me if I could spare some time to listen to the plight of families in that region.

    I agreed.

    After getting the party line, I said (reluctantly) as I wanted her to go away before I killed myself that I would give a donation of £10.00.

    I was surprised by the reaction, which essentially was 'we are not allowed to accept money, but if you give me your bank details.......'

    I was polite but resolute, ten pounds or nothing. I then got a ten minute lecture (the taxi was late) on how lucky I was to live in this country without a care in the world.

    Inwardly I was starting to get angry, but the girl/women was relentless. In the end I told the 'charity worker' to 'go away'.

    She would not take no for an answer, in the end I left her in the middle of the street whilst I got into my taxi.

    Talk about pressure selling.
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Mugs, the lot of you.

    1. Blank them. You can usually see them coming.

    2. If accosted, do not slacken your pace, just smile sweetly and say 'No thank you'.

    Re Wompers and her Yanks, not as good as the Jolly Jack Tar who strode into a bar in Hamburg in 1968, chucked his hat into the spotlight on the little dance floor, and asked 'Right, which of you Jew-burning bastards is going to buy me a beer?' Told me by the Officer of the Patrol sent to rescue him.
  10. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    My brother used to be an engineer on oil tankers. His first cruise was down to the gulf durring the Iran-Iraq war. Can't remember which country it was, but a bar had all the way round it a framed photo of a US war cannoe with an "official" ship's baseball cap underneath it. Appart from two picture hooks that stood out a mile for being empty. Bar was full of off duty US navy rates and HM matelots.

    In a small voice that could have been heard in Mecca big bro pipes out "Bet those ones were the Vincennes". Cue HM sailors buying big bro beer all night... He never did say how the spams reacted.
  11. had something like that outside B&Q. some guy came up to me and asked if i wanted decking, so i dropped him first... becareful people there are some right nutters out there.
  12. My old man delivered the same line, how we laughed when he died three weeks later from Prostate cancer
  13. You think you are going to hell?

    I told my parents that I finished my uni degree. They have my graduation photo in the living room and said that now they can die happy because they know that I'll do well in life...
  14. Chuggers?- a firm, nose-to-nose- "FCUK OFF OUT OF MY WAY"!! works well, gets a few tuts from the C-in-C but you feel a whole lot better
  15. If only the GMC and AMS would fall for that one, I'd be having a great time.