Delicacies enjoyed while posted in germany

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by thebutlerdidit, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. While stationed in Osnabruck in the mid ninenties used to enjoy some nice food at the weekends from a food stand just inside Marktauf, they were kind of like a pizza, that you had filled with salad etc, normal squaddie behaviour was to eat and not pay much attention to what they were. Now a few years after leaving Army, no more German postings find myself hankering for them, only dont know what they are called, or what country they were from (not German) :cry: Can anyone out there help, stand also sold flatbreads filled with meat and pickles. Many thanks :D
  2. It was most likely a turkish kebab.

    Hate to put you off your ´lieblings essen´,but in one of our local kebab dens there were two bowls of sauce,one for the Turks and one for the ´rest´,the local health authourity(Gesundheitsamt) did a check on the second one and found it to be full of ´human DNA`,yes the bastards had been w*nking off in the bowl!

    Guten Appetit!! :twisted:

    PS.this is a true story from the local paper,the owner was fined heavily but the shop still exists and I haven´t eaten a Kebab since!
  3. Was it a Lahmacun? We used to have them in Bielefeld in the main shopping area. It was like a turkish pizza that is filled with goodies and then rolled up. Is that the one you mean?

  4. Gyros and Pommes mit mayo! Mmmm. Food for heroes. Though I was never a great fan of Bratties.
  5. If it's what I bought in Kaufland in Meppen last week then it's Turkish. It's a flat round loaf, pitta bread that you got with a gyros, a kebab dish.

    Or it could be and sounds more likely to be Lahmacun (as previously posted)which is Turkish Cypriot/ Turkish pizza though available from most Middle Eastern countries.

    About as German as cevapcici but you'll find them most places as well. The German version of Steak Pie, Curry Sauce and Chips.
  6. Eating is cheating.

    Becks at 50 cents a bottle from the Naafi or about a euro in the bar. Seem to recall that the cost of 330cl of Becks was the same as 330cl of coca cola during the days of the DM. Although I can't for the life of me remember how much it was. Probably about 1 DM.

    That means Becks is about 35p/70p a bottle. So why does it cost £2.50 and up for a bottle in UK?
  7. Spunk.

    Bloody horrible it was too, it's a licorice sweet you buy all over the place by the way...
  8. Yaeger Scnitzel (spelling?) and pommes from Daves Bar in Hildesheim at 03:00 - yum....
    Gyros Teller for any occasion, drunk or sober...
    Curry Wurst and pommes..

    All washed down with a golden handbag - heaven..
  9. Ice wins the prize it was Lahmacun, now all I have to do is learn turkish and buy turkish cookbook, either that or use internet, will let you know result. Thanks all for help :D :D
  10. Gyros with Taziki sause and if you miss it a link how to make it :D
  11. anything Polish costing €100 an hour
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  13. Fladenbrot by your description, may be the same as lahmacun, sheeps cheese and salad with tsatziki sauce. Starving now cheers. :)
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Way back in the day,1991,it wa Dm3.19 to a £1.00. Beers were around Dm1.00 a pint but spirits were extorsionatly expensive.
  15. The Details to 4 Petroleum Depot, Warendorf, I remember them well, the frikadellas there were luuurvley!!!

    I used to get a plate full & trough the lot.....the look on the box 'eads faces as they strolled in for their NAAFI break & there were
    none left. :lol: