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Probe into security breaches at India call centres
(Filed: 23/06/2005)

Several High Street banks are working with police after it emerged that an undercover newspaper reporter in India had been able to buy account details of 1,000 British customers.

The stolen data was enough to allow rogue purchases

The Sun reporter was sold account details, credit card numbers and even passwords and answers to security questions from an Indian man who claimed to get the information from corrupt call centre workers.

The details, which were passed on at a cost of just £3 each, would be enough to enable a fraudster to drain someone's account of money, buy goods using their credit card or apply for credit in their name.

The City of London Police launched their investigation after receiving a dossier of information from the journalist giving details of the banks whose security may have been compromised.

Although it was too early to say which banks had been affected, a number of high street banks including Barclays, the Woolwich, HSBC and Lloyds TSB, said they were working with police.

The reporter, who paid £2,750 for the information and was asked for another £275 to be sent later, was told details usually cost £4.25 but he was getting a special deal.

The man, who said he got the details from a network of call centre workers in Delhi, also boasted that he could get up to 2,000 account details a month.

The information received included account holders' addresses, secret passwords, credit card details, passports and driving licence information.

In some cases there were also the issue and expiry dates of bank cards, as well as the three digit security number from the back of the card.

A spokesman for the City of London Police said: "All the financial institutions identified have been fully informed of the situation. An investigation is now under way. Therefore it would be inappropriate for us to provide further details at this stage."

The spokesman said the journalist handed police the names of banks that might have been compromised following an investigation into the security of financial information held at foreign call centres.
I hate loath and detest overseas call centres.
Sumone with perfect english might be in with a chance but with my accent every call is ell. Last one I made I gave the Gentelman a mouthful. Worked he came up with a special Number I could call and I got to talk to nice British lady who sorted my problems.

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