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Up to your old tricks G-Q? You pull threads more than you do your little blood stick. Why not live life dangerously (or as dangerous as it gets from your rocket jockey mob) and put up a spirited fight?
Go on you homo, you know you want to!
Gunners_Quadrant said:
I agree wholeheartedly that I am a spineless weasel and being the yellow backed MOD of the Gunners (even though I'm a rocket jockey hat) forum is my only sexual outlet. I have the penis of a new born mouse. ?
You said it loverboy!
The Crimp Off hes not on your sinners list?

Go on you know you want to sit him on the naughty step and moderate him, you limp wristed tool.
lol, nn trackpads. HW and his lover TCO. well done you both learnt to use a computer:) Thread locked stop boring people with your idiotic comments
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