Deleting Posts? Arrse loosing their nerve?

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Only been on this forum site for a few days and I have seen two posts removed? They were popular posts, topical and I am a little disturbed as to the reason why?

The moderator? Said that “Some times the originator removes the post” Well I originated the Masonic topic and I certainly did not remove it. Were has it gone? Why has it gone?
As I stated in my reply in the adjoining thread, I can catagorically state that I did not delete or remove it and neither did Bad CO, the only other person with admin rights to this forum. The only other 2 possible explanations are that the originator deleted the initial post which removes the thread, or a glitch in the software (which is possible, I noticed that the Op fresco medal thread duplicated itself on Sat night).

We moderators are here to ensure fair play and OpSec, not to censor the discussions. The only time we will do this is if we feel that the content of a particular thread is way off the mark in terms of tatse and decency, contains information which is classified, or is likely to land us in court. As the Masons thread was none of these I would not have chosen to remove it no matter how much I may have disagreed with some of the points being raised.

I am going to lock this thread as I think that there is nothing more productive which can be said on this matter.
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