Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by poo_finger, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. deleted
  2. you should have nicked his wallet
  3. Then give him a swift kick to the teeth for the granny he nicked it from!
  4. I thought this would be an assisted suicide thread.
    I was all ready to offer a discrete spoonful of cyanide.
  5. An isolated spoon of cyanide? How would they ingest it then?
  6. And still on CCTV
  7. Smartascarrots
    Cyanide comes in handy 25kg drums and is a white powder. Easiest way to ingest it is to take a deep breathe and swallow a teaspoonful. It wont be nice, but since the aim is death, it wont be for very long. You could put some in a capsule, like antibiotics come in, or mix it in your tea, but dont add milk because cyanide curdles milk.
    A friend of mine in a plating shop in Bolton always had milk in his tea (even though he didnt like it) for this reason
  8. So much for "deleting an Original Post, as means of "killing" a thread