Discussion in 'Officers' started by BlotBangRub, Oct 19, 2004.

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  2. Had a couple done - they aren't too bad....
    Trick is to haggle.....and to really check it when it arrives. Don't let them con you into buying the most expensive cloth !
  3. I know a guy who had his favourite dress shirt duplicated by a HK shirtmaker.
    He took the shirt in as a sample and asked for a dozen exactly the same.

    His original had a cigarette burn on the front (one of the reasons he wanted more made.)

    When his shirts arrived, guess what happened?
  4. There was an article in The Sunday Times recently about HK tailors and I believe this company (Raja Fasdhions) got a great write up. If there is an archive section to the ST's website you may be able to read it yourself. I think the message was use good materials and know exactly what you want.
  5. I tried out AJ Collections Ltd, a tailor in New Bond Street, where measurements are taken and cloth chosen in London, then the suit made up in HK. They send it back for fittings and final finishing done in UK, all in about 3 weeks. Excellent quality and much cheaper than usual for true bespoke (as opposed to made to measure) - £80 for a pair of wool trousers and £36 for a shirt! PM me if you want contact details.
  6. I use John Ashas who advertises as New ashas and vists London about once every six weeks (advertises in the Times and Evening Standard) highly recommended.

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  8. I'm intrigued - how would you define the difference between made to measure and bespoke? I always thought one essential point was whether the chap who measures you cuts the cloth, but how would that fit with having the stuff made up in Hong Kong?
  9. Bespoke = fancy way of saying "made to measure".
  10. Has noone in your mess offered any advice ?
    Not get a decent suit at Sandhurst ?

    Chalk stripe better than pin...especially for interviews later...

    Charcoal grey good for most occasions and indeed a blue linen for summer ..

    Shoes v important - no plastic oddities....
  11. can one get & wear a suit if not an officer?!
  12. Not quite correct, GB.

    Bespoke means made entirely for you from a pattern the cutter makes from your measurements.

    Made to measure means that the tailor will use a standard size pattern which is then adapted to fit you, rather like issued No2 dress, though the suit will be made to order. Many military tailors do this with DJs.

    Bespoke is generally more expensive than mtm because of the additional skilled labour, which is why HK and Thai tailors are popular.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Thomsen of Ashley Road, (number 16, 1st floor if I remember correctly,) used to be good.

    Still got some shirts they made for me __ years ago, and they still fit !
    (No they're not made of Spandex !)
    However I think he took the chicken run in´97.

    Try looking him up in the Vancouver phone book. :D
  14. And then -

    Ye-es - I'd have said something along those lines too - so presumably your Bond St people cut the cloth here and send the components to HK?

    I'd like to know because the man I go to in Dorset is quite good but a bit inconsistent and I wasn't over impressed with Mr Golding's stuff. I have little occasion to wear suits these days, but I like a well-fitting coat to go with my Australian work pants. The Dorset man charged me £500 for the last one, if I rmember correctly, but that was about three years ago. Would you give me an idea of what your Bond Street people charge? And would they come to the office in W12?