Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by RfnGeordie, Dec 31, 2007.

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    You can join the ACF as an instructor whilst continuing to serve in the TA. We have many in my county (including YT). If you don't know any of the local cadet units and there is not one at your TAC your best bet is probably to telephone the local Area (ie Coy Gp) HQ and talk to the CAA who will give you a steer as to where to go and who to talk to.
    Many Instructors join directly from the Civ Div. The ACF will give you the trg it thinks you need: You will be required to do all the ACF instructor training etc.


    PS I hope that nobody would become an ACF instr for the money but it does pay up to 28 days a year. Not evenings though.
  3. try they are very good for all sources of information ACF related, many have served in the Army, TA as well as just ACF from cadets through to Adults, so it is really a font of ACF Knowledge.
  4. It's all quiet on tour so go for it!
  5. The money is not free. Your pay is to defray other costs and expenses incurred in your ACF service. On camps you will work hard for that money. Your day starts before any cadet is awake, and doesnt end until they are all safely back in bed asleep. Thats up to 19 hours a day dealing with all manner of problems the little darlings throw up. And you cant hit them, tell them to fcuk off or ignore them and walk away. You have to solve it, there and then.

    Loco Parentis. Looking after other peoples kids. hundreds of them. By the end of a 2 week annual camp you will be absolutely exhausted and at the end of your tether.

    If you think its easy, stay in the TA. The ACF won't put you in danger on a tour, but it will want its money's worth in other ways, and if you fcuk up, you might find yourself sued, in court, even in jail.

    The ACF is not a jolly for bored ex squaddies or TA. Its a wholly different type of committment. Its still a hell of a lot of fun though!
  6. Totally agree, Sleep is a rare commodity, often training halfway through camp as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.

    one thing you need to be aware is it is hard work and small minded squaddies and Civilians do put out thoughtless kiddie fiddler comments without thinking about how hard it is, I don't think most of them could last a day doing what we do, our jobs are too different for comparison, it does take a special person to take it on and stick it through, it is what you make of it, I have been in 5 years and it has gone quick !
  7. onIt really is not that hard as a ACF Instructor :)
  8. It is really not that hard as a ACF Instructor :?
  9. I would tend to agree with the SSI.

    I'd always assumed that those making such comments were explicitly refering to how hard it is...
  10. sorry probably should have clarified it a bit, it is only as hard as you make it. :oops:
  11. So the ACF does not have to be hard unless you have nothing better to do than work yourself silly
  12. or should I say drink yourself silly
  13. I don't think it is any of the above, its more that the work culture and responsibility is very different from the TA.
  14. I reckon if you didn't stay in the bar you could easily get 8 hours sleep a night on cadet camp bar the occassional duty/drama
  15. I agree. If every body pulled their weight, we would all get the required amount of down time. The slackers that stay in the bar and don't get up until first parade (or later) really p1ss me off. Their always the first to complain about duties, not because they miss out on training the cadets but because they can't go to the bar.