Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BlotBangRub, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. I kissed Sally Gunnell, no shagging though :(
  2. I shagged a lass who went on to be a page three girl (layla dean her name was)
    I DUMPED HER !!!!??? Was I mad???
    she were a bit clingy tho
  3. I snogged a big brother contestant
    [​IMG] when I was 17. She must have been in her early 20s, the kiddly-fiddler. She had a tongue stud, which was horrible.
  4. My mate used to go out with Angela Griffin (Corry, Holby City, other chick stuff that you've probably not heard of)

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  5. If you haven't got something useful to say yadyadayada
  6. I've shagged Kylie and Danni Minogue's cousin...does that count???

    And no, she wasn't as fit as them!
  7. But it's good for you to public state that you'd go out with a chick with a dick ;)
  8. Hmmmm, kiss a minger, or take one tup'tharss?? I think you're on your own there fella :)
  9. I think eating out Sally Gunnell while Paula Radcliffe curls one out on your chest is the most suitably depraved way to go.

  10. Awooga!

    That reminds me, what happpened to the Kriss Akabusi sex stories?
  11. There is person known to me who at one point enjoyed a meaningful relationship with a sort-of-well-known-if-you-live-in-the-Region female television presenter. Described as "decorative but stupid"

    This did not appear to have posed much of a challenge and "meaningful" , meant 3 weeks-ish but she still sends a Crimbo card. So must have done something right.
  12. I slipped one up Kylie whilst Danni squirmed on my face.
    Then I woke up.