Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Beaujangle, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. I have no problems with Freegans. They rummage in bins and use food that has been thrown away as a legal requirement. If the shops kept the food on the shelves they would be lible to prosecution.

    A case of waste not want not. But when they end up in hospital with food poisoning, they should have to cover the cost of treatment themselves...... maybe the money they are saving on their food bills will cover it?

    If it gets too popular though, sales in the supermarkets will drop, they will order less and have less to throw away creating a shortage of food for the growing number of Freegans....... fights in supermarket back yards? Maybe a future sorce of entertainment.
  2. If we start using the "self-inflicted injuries means you pay for your own treatment" argument, where should we draw the line? Skydivers and the obese might seem fair enough but should we exclude smokers, those who drink too much, people who don't exercise enough and sunbathers? I imagine many of us do/fail to do things that cause (or will in the future cause) the NHS to spend money on us.
  3. How about the ultimate Freeganism: eating Freegans?
  4. I trust that such fighting will be ‘inclusive’ and that the supermarket’s trolley-mongs would be encouraged to join the scrap.