Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BlotBangRub, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. deleted.
  2. pulling my pud.
    helps pass the time of day.
  3. deleted.
  4. roger that fella.

    hang the kids up on the washing line and spin it round as fast as you can till they fly off.
    pick them up and do it all over again.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Is your real name Homer?
  7. Sometimes, I just sit and stare into space. Or burn stuff. Burning stuff is cool. Try getting a can of Dubs 40 and light the aerosol jet. think deodorant can and multiply by about 10. Fecking awesome.
  8. :idea: Have you ever tried to fire a pencil from each or either nostril? I find single, aimed shots travel furthest.

    You could practice your technique and be firing both barrels by tea-time. :D
  9. Pm Airborne_Aircrew does it for me oops
  10. 1. Find cardboard box
    2. Write BLAIR on it
    3. Destroy!!
  11. you are a complete gay.
  12. Did you mean that literally??

    Burning is always fun, not sure why but especially hair (those of us who have any).

    If you can get a wide pipe, set fire to some paper or grass or something at one end and send your toy 'guy on a motorbike' through from the other end. It's even better if you do it off a balcony or a bridge. Oh and if you can attach unlit matches to said guy, better still.

    Drop hot wax from a candle on to various parts of the body to see which hurts most. Fun pulling it off too! 9especially if you've dropped it on to someone else's body)

    Buy a load of sherbert fountains and see how much sherbert you can stuff in your gob without choking and splurting it everywhere. Or see how far you can snort it with a straw.

    If you're sharing a house with atleast 2 others, when they're out on the p1ss swap all their furniture round in to each other's room. Or soak their mattress so that they think they've p1ssed themselves when they wake up.

    Ahhh the memories.

  13. I like to read completely pointless threads on Arrse when I'm bored.
  14. deleted.
  15. Not at all, I regard it as the provision of a much needed public service :)

    1) Try drawing something. Then try painting it. Then try making a model of it. If you're in any way anal you'll emurge several weeks later highly skilled in one or more of the arts.

    2) Arranging your underwear according to use (work, play etc.) and colour.

    3) Iron some towels.

    4) Arranging fridge magnets according to date obtained, or devise an entirely new metric relating to where in the world they're from and arrange them accordingly. And get this - it's doesn't only work with fridge magnets! You can do it with just about any mindless tat you have lying around the house. It's immensely satisfying.