Ice, you weren't in the harry potter film reading the tea leaves were you?

give up the lotto numbers for this week!
Ice_and_a_Slice said:
Can I just point out this is the NAAFI bar before I'm on the receiving end of flakk. Squaddie humour and all that.........Is it too early for the Steve Irwin jokes yet?

For those of you who haven't read the following thread please see:


*Ice cracks knuckles* so.... who's next on my witch-hit-list?

Ian Huntly......??????

(You been on the Scrumpy again Ice?
I thought he was a f*cking awesome bloke, one of life's true nutters. That however, doesn't stop me wanting to see any half decent jokes about him (surely there must be some by now?)

Edited for punctuation (anal)

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