Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ice_and_a_Slice, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Fcuk off out of the NAAFI you gimp
  2. Er, no I don't think he did - I think it was more to do with the fact that your 'joke' was fcuking shite.
  3. Not only was it sh1t, I didnt even understand it. Why would a guy do the cleaning?
  4. Not at all love. I've had a great day. Got loads of work done, had a bit of a laugh at lunchtime.

    I was merely making the observation that your a gimp and that in my humble opinion we'd all be better off if you fcuked off out off the NAAFI.

    Nothing more complicated than that.

    It's a rather lofty assumption to think that somebody would have to be having a bad day to think of you as a gimp, when it can be construed simply by the lameness of your thread input.
  5. So you should. Get over to the rear party site with all the other mongs.
  6. Yes it is. If you want to tell daft unfunny jokes to the dorises then get over to rear party and swap recipes.

    The naafi bar is for regaling us with tales of ring dhobies, swamping and following through (well, it used to be)

    Rear party is probably more your thing.
  7. and swap knitting patterns
  8. No, this is the part of the site where our inner cnut is allowed to frolic and roam free, and where plebs get a bashing :D
  9. Nope, this it the home of a shed load of the component parts that make up world's finest fighting machine.

    For some reason the sign over the door reads: "Mysoginistic tossers who would rather w@nk into a sock than take a chance on pulling a bunny boiler"
  10. By a cnut.