Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by BlotBangRub, Aug 29, 2005.

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  2. I actually looked into this some while back - not for ARRSE, but with similar plan in mind.

    It seemed we needed to order about 500 of them to make it economically viable, which given that there were only 16 of us, made it a trifle silly.

    Good idea though - not shure how the pink would stand up to repeated washings, exposure to weather etc etc.
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  4. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    This is a strong possibility currently being sorted out with the good folk at Smart Turnout. I just need to get a moment to sort out the design.
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  6. See

    These are from the supplier of the issue straps, but with better hardware. Compared to the copy NATO straps they are much higher quality. I have bought several watches and straps from Timefactors - very quick and friendly service, VAT free to BFPO and owned by an ex-RHA type.
  7. How about an ARRSE stable belt?????
  8. Arrse boot-laces, in leather. Imagine next year's birthday parade . . . . . at least the Mick that didn't shave won't stand out.
  9. I quite like the idea but for those of us currently employed as civvies we wouldn't get the chance to wear a stable belt.

    Wot about braces in Arrse colours?
    Could be worn under mess dress and dinner jackets and might be a touch more financially viable.
  10. A pink ARRSE beret with a Mr Potato Head cap badge!!!!!!!
    (I’m being silly now :D )
  11. It will probably happen in the next defence review! 8O
  12. Excellent idea!
  13. How about some ARRSE cufflinks?? Or a Cummerbund????
  14. Was thinking , now we have the arrse tie, how about a an arrse tie clip, with mr spud head on it, with cuff links of course
  15. How about ARRSE Polo Shirts?

    Got T shirts - so Polo shirts seem like a natural progression sartorially.