A fairer reason for deleting a thread i cant think of. Perhaps he found he had a ginger son living overseas, hence the use of this thread. It all makes sense to me now so thank you for the clarity.
soleil said:
I have decided to out myself as a gay. Additionally, I think it appropriate to announce that I have a thriving illicit drugs business with the highest links to FARC and think the coppers are shite for not tracing my ISP yet; when they do I'll fuckin' have them.

I am also currently providing sanctuary for Lord Lucan, the new Al' Qaeda No 1 (who shall remain nameless, Allah bless his satin socks) and Raoul Moat; there is room for Julian Assange in the spare bed if he wants it!
Jesus soleil, you've been busy!


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Tommy Hilfiger is smart-casual. When wearing Tommy Hilfiger one can gain entry to the best salons in Cap Ferat. Even though the ******* Russians wear it and Cap Ferat is one of the last bastions against the Russian invasion. Tommy Hilfiger is well cool gear innit?
How beastly Charles. I do so hope you handed the rapscallion a damn good thrashing for leaving the cotton field.
I thoroughly chastised the fiend, my good man. But, do not despair; the ruffian was firmly in the sweating box when he committed his misdemeanour and thus his actions never did effect the other workers in the fields!


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Were there goats among the workers? Were they sweating? The golden globules of sweat trickling down over those pert furry haunches and vanishing into the....
'scuse me. The, er, the phone. Back in a mo...
Be strong like an Iron thing.....the Brotherhood is with you...and put down that copy of 'Mandingo Stud' and move away from the tissues....

( " Baxter?! Baxter is that you?..bark twice if you're in Milwaukee ! " )

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