If you mean BPFA (no more bfts my lad not since ooooh yonks ago)

OK now lets see.

34 year old male would have to crack his 2.4km (1.5 mile ish) in 11 minutes.

at 35 he gets an extra 30 seconds.

previoulsy at 29 he would of had 10.5 minutes to get round.

Not aware of different arms standards but Im sure they may impose their own limits.
I know it changes again for 40 - 44 yo and again for 45 - 49 yo, but can't remember times for them. Think its 12 mins and 12 mins 30 secs respectively
BlotBangRub said:
Yes, perhaps my use of the word older was unecessary, but I meant it in comparison to the 18 year olds who make up a large proportion of the services, racing snake bstards.
I know how you feel, a bloody sprog did 8.20 in my unit, I won't print my time but he was over 20 years younger than me :cry:

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