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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by call_me_jack, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Right bit of a rant.

    I posted a thread in the NAAFI last night to find it had been deleted, I could not understand why. I looked at the rules and did not see any that I had broken. So I posted again, this time giving the original content and asking where it had gone. Yes you guessed it, this post was deleted.

    So still non the wiser and now a little bit pi$$ed off I posted to ask why both posts had been deleted. This time I did not include the content that I guessed was causing offence.

    Yes (noticing a pattern now) it vanished. All I asked for (twice) was a reason why it was deleted because I did not see the rule that it had broken when I looked through the moderation policy.

    Rant Over.
  2. Ever get the feeling something is watching you...............?
  3. MOD's PM him Her or it, give a reason, sheep shagging is an offence but a right to be heard is a right. if an O2 thief issue medal and be done! :eek:
  4. Look, there - just over your left shoulder............
  5. There may not be a rule, but it's probably because the subject would provide fuel for a newspaper on a slow news day. While the subject matter was in the public domain (if you have a subscription and the wit to enter the relevant words in the search box), comments by Arrsers (possibly said in jest, or possibly not) could also have been included in the story and used inappropriately.

    Just my thoughts on the matter, anyway.

    With regard to getting an explanation from the Mods, they've done similar things in the past and, on rare occasions, explained that they don't have time to explain all the deletions. Possibly fair enough, though a short PM saying "xxx deleted - unsuitable" would go a long way to stopping repeat threads which, in turn, get deleted.
  6. Check your PM's I have explained what was contained in the post. I believe there is no need for an 02 tag.
  7. I see where you are coming from but it is surely just good manners to clarify this kind of thing when asked (twice).

    Also I believe that journos may have the inititive to find these things themselves (on second thoughts perhaps not). It was an opportunity for the ARRSE community to help maintain the good name of the army and deal with this cretin.
  8. check your PMs
  9. Thanks, Same to you
  10. If you're on about the smackhead, then I can see why it was deleted.

    It could create some pretty fantastical headlines on a slow days work for a newspaper journo.

  11. What headlines? "A squaddie takes drugs"? Hardly going to shock people into cardiac arrest up and down the country is it now?

    I think they have the capacity to find these things themselves. It will remain there until the idiot is dealt with and that is what i was trying to get done.
  12. I saw one of your earlier posts, Jack, & wondered myself where it had disappeared to.

    If a serving soldier wants to admit to the world that they are a druggie of some description, then it is the right of every member here to point them out & shame them, & not the job of the Mods on this forum to show the Army in a good light, by deleting such posts.

    If it was your job to show the Armed Forces in a good light, then there would be no NAAFI section. If you wish to delete entire threads, then at least have the good grace to explain why you are doing it - if there is a good reason for it, then it stops other members from making the same mistake in the future.

    It's not f*cking hard! :roll:
  13. Actually, if a serving soldier is silly enough to do all that is being hyped up, then a suitable person should inform SIB, P&SS or the Reggies.

    Hanging out true dirty washing to dry in full view is a bit naive - walts on the other hand...
  14. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)


    You have alot to say for someone who has only been around for a couple of months.

    Whoever the MOD was that removed your post to admin and evidence was acting in the best interests of the site. If he hasn't yet PMed you its for one of two reasons.

    1, He is moderating this site in his own time and is busy and has yet to prioritise the responce.

    2, He thinks you are a tube and assumes that given any amount of common sense you'd be able to second guess why it was removed.

    I've just spent a small amount of time reading through your posts since you arrived here, got an agenda?
  15. Call_me_jack (and I will): I deleted the original thread.

    I never cease to be utterly astonished by the complete stupidity of some posters here on ARRSE. Note that I do not use the term 'ARRSEr'. An ARRSEr understands the unique position of this website, and the often invidious position that the Admins can be placed in. You clearly do not, as a waltz through your posting history would indicate.

    ARRSE clearly does not condone drug taking in any shape or form (less legal addicitive stimulants), and deletion of threads should not be taken asprima facie evidence that we do.

    There is not one shred of evidence to prove that the individual in the link you posted is even aware that his details have been posted on this site, let alone ARRSE, and frankly I'm a little suspicious of your ongoing battle 'to be heard.'

    Please take this post in the spirit in which it is intended and I will accept non-reply as acquiescence. Continue posting on this topic, and ranting endlessly about draconian deletion policies (yeah right) and you may find yourself asked to leave our community of ARRSErs.

    Thank you for reading.