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I posted on the death of the four yesterday in Afghanistan and about 10 people replied. Unless I'm losing my mind that post has now been deleted. The headings and first few lines can still be found through google (try it!) but the link is dead.

Now I suspect I know why this was deleted, and this worries me. If we honestly think that the opinions in that post were such as to tell the other side something they don't know already then we are truly f*****d. I won't repeat what was said, but think about backward small communities, where people spend all day looking and gossiping, where everyone is poor and every piece of property is noted and accounted for ............

Christ, if we really think that what was said this morning tells them something we haven't the first measure of what we are dealing with. More useful stufff comes out of the MOD every week.
Take the tin foil hat off.

There are people who use Arrse who were close friends of the deceased. The families of the fallen will also be scouring the internet for any information on how their loved ones met their end. Familes and relatives of the fallen have come to Arrse before to express their thanks for condolences offered, or to post more pictures of their loved ones , it helps them come to terms with their loss.

A thread full of suppostion and conjecture, a heated discussion on equipment before their loved ones have even been repatriated is not what their family , their friends and colleagues want to find. There will be a time when discussion of equipment as a factor will be appropriate. That time is not now.

I see no reason whatsoever, to have the media fed with titbits (and they won't hesitate to use the contents of a thread) based on their own conjecture and 'educated guesswork' which it frequently isn't.

The thread was removed for that reason.

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