Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by, Dec 22, 2004.

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  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    A RMA must be boloxed than the CMT and they are looking into the abyss!
  3. Not the best place to ask that question but!!!! RMA's I believe were first inspired by the lack of recruits in to the RAMC, and took up the shortfall. Later on there were lots of sqabbles over the fact that below the rank of Sgt you couldn't get in to a med centre because they were being run by RMA's which ment the CMT was missing out on vital clinical practice. Now most of the RMA's that i worked with were very competent and gaining much knowledge in the med centre. I would equate them to a CMT with no problem. But I feel the corps would disagree and the chances of recognition professionally will be slim!!!! It's hard enough for a CMT to get any recognition of his qualifications never mind an RMA. :roll:

    Best regards
  4. RMAs are being phased out and replaced with the Regimental Combat Medical Technician. RMCTs do the same training as CMTs and will obtain the same Foundation Modern Apprenticeship in Health as well as City & Guilds Certificates in Literacy, Numeracy and (IIRC) IT.

  5. Wow I wept tears of joy when I read that like some sort of Professional Qualification then?

    Hang on a mo though :!: Dont GCE's and other Nationally recognised School certificates do just that already 8O :?

    Another bluff...................... :roll:
  6. My younger brother was an RMA and from what he told me, they got most of the experience. Seems he did more than any CMT ever managed in his/her lifetime :roll:

    Still let us wait and see what happens with the CMT cadre, you never know.....but then again.......perhaps not :roll:
  7. Best to not wait to long though before being deflated finding out it was bollox
  8. Your drinking aren't know what the doctor said about you and alcohol, if you want a red nose fine just keep drinking :roll:
  9. Whilst this may come as a shock to you, LWM, not everyone who joins up has any qualifications at all.

    At least one person has already qualified to attend medical school on the strength of credits earned from the FMA (not, I hasten to add, purely on that basis - there were already other quals that made up most of the credits - FMA just pushed it over the quality line).

  10. Myself included I.F!! However, attempting to dress up a qual that can be gained at any nightschool as an incentive for both CMTs and RMAs is a little..........well laughable. All it say's is 'become an RMA or CMT and you too can have a peice of paper that say's you can add up and read'. An increasing number of civvy employers are, according to civvy friends, ignoring the traditionally gained quals in favour of their own aptitude tests. So nothing would appear to be gained.
  11. Best medical advice you have ever given D-L, I shall follow it
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Dog's already got a red nose, it matches his rusty sheriffs badge!
  13. You can never tell which area is talking to you though :roll:
  14. Being out here in the big bad world and knowing first hand what employers are doing at the moment, alot of them are doing 2 things one is an I.Q. test which is fun, the second is psychometric testing. This is not fun!!! 200 questions all very much alike to see if your attitude and psychological profile meets with their ideal candidate. Dosen't matter if you are qualified to do the job!!! have you got the right attitude and personality! :lol:
  15. I'm fecked then :roll: