Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SpEsHuL PerSoN, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. delete
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  2. One of the most insightful threads that I have read on this site this week!

    Well done, please keep on in the same style!
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  3. Come on, old fruity. If you're going to start a really dire thread about a woman being banned by a judge from having sex, at least have the balls to stand by it.
  4. Perhaps someone should ban Mr Justice Hedley from having sex as well.

    From Debretts:

    Forename(s) Mark Hedley
    Sex Male
    Decorations kt (2002)
    Date of Birth 23/8/1946
    Foretitle(s) Hon Mr Justice; Sir
    Surname HEDLEY
    Style The Hon Mr Justice Hedley
    Recreations cricket, railways

    I wouldn't shag him if he turned up at the front door wearing Givenchy, while strumming Moon River on his ukelele and eating a large pie.
  5. Certainly more worthwhile that listening to incessant drivel about that stupid Blogging witch and her cretinous excuse for a husband.
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  6. Judging by the OPs name, spelling and use of upper and lower case mixture, I think we were lucky to achieve something as intellectual as "delete".
  7. #####Hmmmmmmmm!
  8. It's taken from one of those RAF Reserves ads, isn't it? He's just directed a GR4 to drop a Paveway on Netto.
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  9. Nice photo did your social worker take it of you?
  10. I actually laughed out loud at that.
  11. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good one Burpa. Still on the RAF ad theme - Why do they make such a point of hitting the rocket with ZERO casualties? Seems like they missed three good kills, four if the truck had been blattered to boot. Sanitised perchance? It should have the following, hit the rocket then the truck once they all pile in the back. Cue voiceover, "that's how it is done, be part of the team fucking good drills".
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