Does she have to have an arse the size of a warbrobe and be addicted to cotton candy and root beer?
What is cotton candy? :lol:

But I'd steer clear if I was you....... looks like one of them machines was your barber and your teeth are already fcuked up :D :D
Ok so tuck your rug rats up and get a drink or three whilst you can. You know it makes sense. And if the tide is a spring one, keep your gob shut, its not always right to swallow there could be a tsnuami, bit OTT 8)
Don't worry Lippy, I don't go near the beach. Burn too quickly there!


By the way, congrats again for your upcoming nuptials! Please plant a big one on clerk for me!

hi, my names debbie. I'm looking for a pen-pal.I'm a single mum with 2 children. I like loads of different things and can be mad at times.I've got a if any one one wants a chat, let me know and i'll get get right back to you. I'm 5"1 brown hair and green eyes.

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